Sunday, August 14, 2022

Lockgust Thoughts - Finding New Ways to Cum Like a Woman

 Today is my 1875th day in sissy chastity for Lady Diva and Ms Cathie, and in that time and along this amazing journey, I have experienced new sensations that have no equal in my old life.  

I've had a morning wet dream when my mind was flooded with Shecock

I've had a hands free sissygasm when driving

I've had hands free sissygasms using audio/video stimulation along with contracting my kegels. This is now a part of my on going sissy training

I've had hands free sissygasms using the same physical training and only using mental visulaization

I've yet to experience a sissygasm while riding a dildo or being taken by a strapon cock or real Shecock, but can't wait for that day, however I have now embarked on another elusive Feminine orgasm experience that is rooted in modern day reverence, and that is the bicycle seat sissygasm.  Now I'm not talking about the often shared images of a dildo strapped to a bike seat, but to achieve sissygasm from the rhythms of cadence and tightness of the bike shorts combining with the right spot on the seat to stimulate the sissy p-spot, and a good dose of mental visualization all working together to deliver that most womanly of embarrassing  public experiences.

Last summer I had to change the type of bike I rode due and thanks to supply chain issues I've been forced to go back to riding a "hard tail" which transfers a lot of road and trail chatter and bumps to the rider via their bottom. Last fall I had an experience while riding where my mind drifted to many things Femdom & Trans and suddenly I found myself feeling small ripples of the type I had when I had my hands free sissygasm while driving. This only happened at certain cadence levels and since that time I've been trying to chase that bike seat gurly sissygasm. But I'm here to say, it's not been easy!

Having a hands free sissygasm is a whole body experience that begins like a wave that starts offshore and builds and builds until it crashes onto the beach. Of the 3-4 times I've experienced the beginnings of a bike seat sissygasm, I can start the wave and build it but I've yet to bring it to shore. Some of it is from a pure safety aspect as when riding a bike in public, you simply can't close your eyes and visualize it home for fear of crashing or being hit by something very painful. Also, I find the combination of cadence, pressure (internally and externally) and the thoughts that are going through my sissy brain have to weave together in this special combo to start that wave. It's not something that I can simply manifest yet, but that's what makes it sinfully naughty.  The idea that deep into a ride I would be able to leak into my Female booty shorts and be forced to ride home in my own sissy mess has become a very powerful motivator.

When one is no longer able to selfishly self pleasure themselves liie a knuckle dragging male, finding those illusive sissygasms is an amazing reward and worth the journey. Like with the other ways I've been able to achieve sissygasm, those physiological experiences are so much more satisfying than any wank that I ever had more than 5 years ago and beyond. I know a bike seat sissygasm is just over the horizon and I can't wait to meet it!

Lockgust is a time for chastity experimenting before committing yourself deeper into Chastember, Locktober and beyond. Beautiful experiences await those who devote themselves to sissy chastity. If you are curious, don't wait.

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