Friday, September 14, 2018

444 Days in Sissy Chastity

Today is Day 444 in sissy chastity. While the day total has no real significance, it just sounds like a nice number. When you live your life with an inner gurly self, there is always a challenge to balance daily life and sissy life, and sometimes it can be emotionally tiring. I think each sissy understands the ebbs and flows of the Female energy that exists inside us all, and I think sissy gurls are far more sensitive to it.

Along with many unexpected sensations, physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional changes being in long term chastity has brought me, being a locked sissy has never allowed me to shut off that part of my sissy brain in daily life. It's a constant reminder of who and what I am, even if vanilla life on the outside takes over for periods of time. Being locked, and the maintenance that goes along with being in chastity is like a drum beating far off in the distance of your mind and spirit. The noise around you may be front and center at times but that steady drum beat of your sissy life is a constant reminder of what you really are.

In a way it's comforting to know that no matter how far daily vanilla life may pull you in all sorts of directions, the act of being locked never lets you escape who you really are when you give away control of your sissy clit. Because of this I'm reminded many times a day, just as a routine daily habit that I'm a Shecock loving sissy cumslut whore who only receives sexual satisfaction via my mouth & ass pussy. It's a devilish delight that always brings a smile to my face, especially when I experience a sissy leak on my own.

Long term sissy chastity is a life altering experience, one I never could have possibly imagined I could attain, but it's something I now cherish. Knowing how my devotion has pleased the Dommes in my life has made it all worth while.


  1. I never cease to be amazed - and humbled - by your commitment. Bravo!

  2. Every gurl should follow your steps, you are a role model xox

    1. I'm merely following the lead that You and Lady Diva have set for me. Your happiness is my reward.