Thursday, January 17, 2019

An Addicktion You Never Want to Break

Being an accomplished sissy Shecocksucker, one gets to the point where they no longer are ashamed of the urge to suck cock. The more a sissy sucks cock, the more it becomes a focal point of their sissy existence, regardless of which type of cock they prefer. I've sucked Shecock for over half my life and now it's a natural thing to want to feel the wonderful sensation of making a cock grow in my mouth and please the TGirl if belongs to until my reward; a lovely nice creamy load.

Moreso now, I find myself on certain days, craving Shecock in my waking dreams, and wake up with Shecock being the dominant thought on my mind, and sometimes that lasts throughout the day. Today was a day just like that, for example.

One of the most rewarding thing I have ever done was admit my love of Shecock to a Woman. The first time I admitted my love of Shecock to Lady Diva, it was an enormously nerve wracking thing to do. But Lady Diva understood and not only made me feel at ease, She encouraged me to embrace what made me happy, and I've never had a bad day when I've had a Shecock in my mouth (or other places )

And like all things in my sissy life, the more I trust in Femdomination, the more rewarding it becomes. Now I am not anxious or ashamed to admit that I'm a sissy who loves Shecock. In fact I can't possibly imagine not being able to worship the cock of a beautiful Woman. It has become such an integral part of who Devina is. Loving Shecock is one of the greatest rewards of my sissy life.

If you haven't taken that first step, you can. Be safe, and enjoy what your heart desires.

You won't regret it. You'll only regret not starting sooner

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