Sunday, April 21, 2019

Starts in the Mind

Research has often pointed to the Female mind as the beginning point of a Woman's orgasm. It's there that a Woman can focus and harness Her thoughts of pleasure and allow them to build until it mates with physical sensations to bring Her to a beautiful orgasm. Visual imaging or stimulation via erotica has a far more deep seated effect it would seem on building and enjoying healthy Female orgasms. But what about us sissy gurls?

One of the amazing side affects of my long term sissy chastity, (today marking 1 year, 9 months, and three weeks locked), is how my thoughts, emotions, and dreams have been playing a much larger role in personal fulfillment and satisfaction. I find it easier now to use erotica and visualization to tie into that p-spot area in my body  to create sensations of joy and emotional pleasure. Often I've had waking dreams that involve subservience to Shecocks and pleasing not only my Mistress as a result, but Dommes and Women of all types. This morning was another example of that

My waking dream was focused intensely on being fucked solidly by several TGirl Shecocks, with Lady Diva, Maitresse Cathie, and others, looking on in full enjoyment and satisfaction. Being locked in my super small holy trainer, my sissy clit was semi turgid at best, and my mind was a flood of all my previous Shecock experiences. The sound of Sunshine's gorgeous black Shecock slamming into my asspussy, the sound of Lucy's squeal as She came in my mouth, the sensations of Danika Dreamz pounding my asspussy, the glorious sloppy wet sound of Lola's paintiong of my face with Her cum, and the sounds of Women all sounding off in their approval swirled in my head as suddenly without warning I felt a twitch of my sissyclit. Still in a pre woken dream state, I had no idea if I had just leaked but I could feel the beautiful wave like sensations emanating from my p-spot though out my pelvis.  All I could do was lay still, and visualize more as I did not want any physical stimulation to interfere with my sissyclit.

Could I actually dream and visualize myself to sissygasm??

As my visualizations intensified with more Shecocks, more Women's laughter, and more reliving of being fucked by Shecock and sucking so many, my sissyclit twitched at least twice more all on it's own. I was overcome by amazing warm sensations of joy and opened my eyes content and happy, pulling back the covers to look down at my locked sissyclit expecting to see a mess I made. All I saw was the tiniest bit of sissy leak, but that was such a reward!  It was small, but wonderful! It was an experience I could have never had prior to my evolution into my sissy life. All my sissy experiences had led to this beautiful moment.

I don't think any of what I experienced today could have been possible without the long term reprogramming of my sissy brain through sissy chastity with no permission given for any manual release. My sissy leaks have happened naturally and now are being tied closer and closer to mental stimulation, with this one being the closest to "the moment". A week or so ago, I experienced a huge sissy leak an hour or two after a very rewarding twitter chat with Mistress Nikki Whiplash. So it's been an exciting time for this sissy!

As always, none of this would have ever been possible without the guidance of Lady Diva Cane, and the ongoing support of Maitresse Cathie La Divine. My heart is full this morning thanks to You both!

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