Sunday, December 30, 2018

550 Days Locked...And Counting...

Just a couple short days ago marked the 18th month in sissy chastity for me. Today is Day 550. The number sometimes is hard to comprehend. 550 days since I last played with my sissy clit like some filthy selfish subbie. In all that time, I've chrinicled so many of the physical and psychological changes I've endured, but I had a new experience the other day:

After a particularly loud sneeze, I sissy leaked! It was so funny to me!  In fact when I feel a sissy leak coming on, I quietly repeat in my head over and over " C'mon sissy, leak limp for your Mistress..." and soon enough I can, and it's wonderful to know I can leak fully limp. I could have never imagined I could ever be able to do that before, but now I can.

They say the jorney to a far off place you can't see yet, begins with a series of small steps, one by one, until you find yourself in a land far from where you began, and you then marvel to yourself at how you managed to get there. My sissy journey proves this each day, and my deep discovery of sissy chastity has likely been the most changing of them all. My sexual preferences have completely changed to full bottom, my sexual desires have now evolved fully to Shecock, and even when my sissy clit is arroused by the sight of a beautiful TGirl or Shecock, my sissy clit only tingles much like I imagine a Woman's real clit does. This is so wondrous to me, I'm in awe!

So as the days and weeks and months go by, and my physiological transformation continues, the day when Lady Diva might reward me with a release is not a moment that I look upon with any memories of my old subbie life. I look upon it as an opportunity to prove to Her that She has changed me forthe better and when She sees a beautiful Tgirl Shecock pound my asspussy to sissygasm, in that glorious moment before Her, I might have arrived. To me that won't be the end of this journey, but rather just the end of the beginning. I can only wonder in amazement what comes next...

Devina's Domme of the Day Dec 30

Devina's TGirl of the Day Dec 30

Thursday, December 27, 2018

As The Season of Chastity Wraps up

With the end of Denycember, comes the end of the celebratory Chastity Holidays. Most of you started in Locktober, but did you know that the Chastity season actually beings in Lockgust and carries in in Chastember, thought Locktober and into Nocumber? If you started at the beginning, be it for the first time or a regular Femdom Holiday participant, the Chastity Season is a time for reflection, and a time to honour the Dominant Woman or Women in your life. 

Your chastity is one of the best gift you can give to a Domme, because it gives you so much in return. You became more docile, more behaved, more aware, and more accepting to Her happiness. Of course at first you whined and struggled and begged but eventually you accepted your new reality. Did you notice how Happy your Domme became with each passing week and month?

Even more, did you notice it became easier and easier each day to put aside your filthy urges, and how warm inside you felt each time She smiled at each new milestone you set for Her? If you were anything like me in your early first steps of chastity, by the time a month had passed it felt like some major milestone, and it was, based on your limited understanding of what chastity meant, just like I did.

When you strive to go deeper, you arrive at places never before imagined. When you discard your biological urges and replaced them with determination to make Her happy, you began rewiring the neuro pathways that will begin to define you moving forward. When you can do a month, you don't know it yet, but you can do 6. When you can do 6, you can do a year. I never thought it possible but on the eve of my 18th month in sissy chastity, it is certainly possible, and what a reward it is!

Don't be afraid to push yourself harder and further than you ever have before. When you give of yourself the Womanly Universe will always reward your devotion. It has always been this way.

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