Saturday, October 27, 2018

Lockust, Chastember, Locktober, What's Next?

If you are new to the growing phenomena of Locktober, you may not realize that it lies in the middle of the Chastity Season. Lockust and Chastember come before, while Nocumber and Denycember brings all of us to the New Year.  Having been locked in chastity for close to 16 months now, I find myself amused at the reactions of those experiencing chastity for extended periods for the first time.

If this Locktober is your first sojourn into Female Superiority at a deep level, congratulations! You probably are looking forward to Nocumber 1st and your release, right?

What a selfish thought...

 Have you not noticed how pleased your Domme has been during your Locktober struggles? Have you not heard Her laugh more and smile wider at your seemingly endless torment? Upon your potential release, do you not see how happy your sacrifice and submission has made Her?  Why would you wish to take that away from Her simply due to your pathetic male urges?

Do you wish to connect deeper with your Mistress? Try this: beg Her to keep you locked during Nocumber.

Give yourself to Her even longer. Let Her know you've actually LEARNED something during Locktober, and that is how Her happiness is greater than your physical urges. Allow yourself the opportunity to challenger yourself and deepen your submission.

I once hit 37 days in sissy chastity and thought it was a huge accomplishment. Now as I stare day 500 in sissy chastity in the face, I realize how little of a sacrifice one tiny month is. Each time Lady Diva and Maitresse Cathie revel in each additional week, month, and milestone of my sissy chastity, it cements within me why I sacrifice for Them. Their joy means more than my desires. Their actual ownership of my most basic biological function, and their complete transformation of a once lowly male creature into an entirely new sissy entity who has had all her primal loves and lusts reprogrammed, is now tangible and real.  How could I be so selfish and steal that from Them?

How could you do that to your Domme?

She rightfully determines when and how you receive any sort of gratification. You gave that to Her when She locked your sissy clit. Show Her you understand that and welcome Nocumber with pride. You are on a road less travelled, full of experiences you can't possibly imagine. Enjoy it with a smile.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

The End of an Era

With Sears going out of business, first in Canada and now the US, it marks an end of an era for legions of once horny boys and budding sissies where their first exposure to glamour lingerie photos of beautiful Women came from the quarterly Sears catalog.

Long before I stole my first pair of panties from my sister in-law Anna, I would casually peruse those pages, dreaming of how nice it would be to have my own closet full of dresses, and lingerie, and drawers full of bras and panties, etc... I'm thrilled to now have all those things, but it's a sad bit of nostalgia that the era of the shopping catalogs have gone away.

Often I would try and figure out how I could order my own frilly things from the catalog and have them delivered to our house without anyone knowing. But back then it was next to impossible to do so discretely. So like many, I would continue to dream...

The thrill of slowly acquiring my own frilly things, filled those desires that were born in the pages of the Sears catalogs

But the dream of the slumber parties with Women and their sissy gurl lives on....