Thursday, July 26, 2018

Repeat After Me

My name is Devina Cox, and I Suck Cock.

More specifically and 100% exclusively, I only will ever suck Shecock. But when you take it down to the essence of the thing...

I Suck Cock.

And I love sucking Shecock.

I love Shecock for a variety of reasons, but from my first curious fascination with Shemale phone sex ads in a back of a porn mag as a teen, something in my brain that was pre-wired was unleashed, and a destiny waited to be fulfilled.

I Suck Cock

Even before I fully realized the sissy within, and began to devote to the journey of bringing life to Devina, I was already sucking Shecock.

And it's addicting.

The sensations, touches, smells, and passions of everything Womanly, with a beautiful Shecock being the cherry on top of the sunday. What's not to love?

I Suck Cock

Sucking Shecock gives me an inner sense of purpose, a home withing the Feminine order of things in my life. Women>Trans>Sissy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(males)

The beautiful thing for me about sucking cock, is I can suck cock for the pleasure of others as well as my own fulfillment. There is an enormousness sense of pride when you can share with a Dominant Woman, the truth about your cocksucking desires and experiences, and in return receiving nothing but positive reinforcement and encouragement.

I Suck Cock

If you are a sissy cocksucker like me, regardless of your preferred tastes in the type of cock you suck , and the reasons why; you know where I'm cumming from. (pun intended)

You aren't really a sissy until real cock has crossed your lips. You can suck on a Domme's strapon for hours on end, and there is a valid purpose for doing so, don't get me wrong... but it's only a dress rehearsal. It's conditioning your mind to cast aside your fears, inhibitions, and anxieties. It all serves a purpose.

A higher purpose.

When your Mistress KNOWS that She has turned you into a full fledged sissy cocksucker, and you have experienced the point of no return, you have gifted Her with a sense of pride and accomplishment as Her submissive.  Each time you suck cock, you do it for Her. You may also suck cock for your own sense of pride and accomplisment, but first and foremost, if you are a sissy craving to suck your first cock, but haven't yet? Find a Dominant Woman to suck cock for....

I Suck Cock

And my sissy brain, now unleashed, wants to keep sucking Shecock. No shame, no remorse, it's just who I am. Who I always will be. The power of Femdomination allowed me to be who I always was meant to be.

I Suck Cock.

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  1. You are amazing. A true inspiration. I love these posts and wish, with all my heart, that I could be sharing your journey.