Sunday, July 8, 2018

Being Locked in Chastity Actually Enhances Your Sex Life

The one thing that those who have never experienced long term chastity (real long term, not a few days) fear most is that somehow their sex life will be diminished. Well, perhaps your OLD sex life, but as a sissy who yearns to experience as much of their life as possible in a Womanly sense, much of what a Woman experiences in terms of sexual gratification is based on emotion and feelings that originate in the mind and heart. A year and ten days into sissy chastity, I can relate to this fact more than ever!

A sissy should learn how to experience the art of worship as a mentally stimulating act, and that the art of satisfying your Mistress or a TGirl, is of itself a powerful mindfuck. Being in tune with every positive "ooh" and "ahhh" should heighten your senses and stimulation. Recently I began sharing with Lady Diva that during my morning dream moments, I keep having reoccurring dreams of Shecock gangbangs and sucking endless shecocks while She and other Women watch and approve. Just the mental stimulous of those dreams has almost caused me to leak on my own.  My mind has now become my focal sexual organ!

  When you make HER pleasure = YOUR pleasure, then you begin to train your mind to further ignore your increasingly less significant organ locked away in chastity, and begin to experience sexual satisfaction in the Female regions of your brain. Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you become at this.

One of the most gratifying and satisfying feeling for me is orally pleasing both a TGirl and Woman with my mouth. It's just the size of "clit" changes! The effort and desire to make Her happy must be the same. Your only reward may be a grab of your hair or a slap to the face after She cums, but savour every moment spent pleasing Her. When you truly begin to be aware that those moments are your only true moments of sexual gratification, you will take your pleasuring skills to new heights.

Some gurls still rely on self gratification by fucking dildoes etc.. For me, it's only a tool I use before getting fucked by my Mistresses cock or a real Shecock. While the physical sensation of a dildo in my asspussy is never a bad thing, without any human connection to a cock in my asspussy, there is a lack of fulfillment emotionally. As they say, there is no substitute for the real thing. Feeling your Mistress grab your hips as she slips inside you, or wraps Her arms around your legs as She looks in your eyes as She fucks you, cannot be substituted by a toy.

Feeling the heat from Her thighs push up against your ass becomes a sensation that you love, as you are connected to her in that moment, and you know that your job is not to be a dead fish lay but the best sissy fuck you can possibly be!

And for those who know the mindblowing sensation of real Shecock in your sissy asspussy, well there simply is no going back to sex without a Woman attached to it. Everything about those moments completes you, makes you fell whole, gives you a sense of purpose, and is the universe rewarding you for embracing your true being. When you reach this stage, "giving" sex in all it's forms as a sissy becomes enormously more importing than "getting" sex in your old life. It simply doesn't compare.

Lose the fears of what you think you might lose when committing to sissy chastity. You will gain so much more...

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