Monday, May 28, 2018

11 Months in Sissy Chastity

Tonight marks 11 months since I last experienced a release. This journey deeper into my real sissy self has been incredible. It's been many months since I even felt an ugly male ego fed urge to stroke my sissy clit. Even when I have my device off for hygiene, I have no bouts of naughtiness. It has been an enormous physiological and mental change in my entire being.

My sissy clit, even when mentally stimulated by my daily double dose of Shecock and Femdomination, rarely gets beyond semi turgid and quickly goes soft. My sissy leaks are becoming less and less frequent as if my brain is reprogramming my biology to realize my sissyclit is no longer an appendage that is required or useful.

My dreams and desires now center around how happy Lady Diva is with my lengthy and continued denial for Her satisfaction. My thoughts of personal satisfaction are of hearing the tone of Her voice when She gets to see me leak uncontrollably while a nice rock hard slab of Shecock pounds my sissy asspussy. Replacing my joy with Her happiness is what gives me enormous pride as a sissy.

   I was sharing part of my journey in sissy chastity with another and was asked what was planned when 1 year locked in sissy chastity comes soon enough? I thought for a moment and replied, " What makes You feel that She will allow me to break my vow after 1 year?"  To be honest, no time table has ever ben discussed from the start. My dedication to sissy chastity was voluntary, and a way to push myself further and to explore a part of my sissy life I have never done before. Lady Diva and Maitresse Cathie La Divine are enthralled with my devotion to Their Femdomination, so why should that end after a year. I honestly don't know when "the time" will come, but like most things in my sissy life, it will simply feel right.

I do know this, it won't be the end of something but merely the end of the beginning of what's to come...

Bois Will Be Gurls Vol 347

Devina's Domme of the Day May 28

Devina's TGirl of the Day May 28

Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Queen Arena Rome!

A very happy birthday to a natural force of Womanhood, Arena Rome. For those not aware, this year has been a very difficult one for Her with health issues of a loved one, where She has had to come to their side and try and bring them back from a serious health issue. On this day please send your love and positive energy to this incredible Woman!


Devina's Domme of the Day May 25

Devina's TGirl of the Day May 25