Sunday, March 25, 2018

9 Months in Sissy Chastity

Today marks month 9 of no release sissy chastity. By no release, that means nothing but natural sissy leaks, and nothing more. This week I had an enormous sissy leak that caught me by surprise and I barely made it to a bathroom so not to leak in my panties. At first I was leaking about once a week and over the past few months that has slowed to bi weekly. This one was the biggest of all and I was so proud of being fully limp when it happened that I had to text Lady Diva to share in my delight!

 Being able to share in my sissy physiological transformations with any Woman is a wonderful thing, but with Lady Diva it's even more special. She truly understand why this is all so important to me. She truly understands my transition from a one time panty boi sub, to a Shecock loving sissy slut. She has encouraged me in every way to follow my dreams of finding inner peace with no longer desiring Womanly sex for physical satisfaction (in terms of traditional interaction) and to nurture and develop my need for sexual satisfaction by serving Shecock, being Female or Trans.

In just a few months it will be 4 years since the last time experiencing a traditional sexual encounter with a Woman. My new normal is as a bottom. Sex for me is on the end of a Woman's strapon and/or being stuffed by a glorious Shecock of a Trans Woman.  That is now the sole focus of sexual thoughts and fantasies. When it comes to vanilla Women, I often spend more time wondering if I'm wearing sexier panties at that moment than they are :)

 Nothing in traditional sex was ever as fulfilling for me like it has been now for me to be dressed up and fucked like a slut, be it by a Domme of a Trans Woman. It simply doesn't compare on a deep meaningful level. Being taken by a "Woman" is such a powerful and emotional connection, not only to Her but to my real inner self. As a sissy it is very much addictive. Once you find you love Shecock, you simply want nothing else.

as for what lies ahead in my sissy chastity journey, I'm sure as with many things in my sissy life, the time and place will come for me when the universe decides it's the right time. I'm so proud to honor Lady Diva and Maitresse Cathie in this way, and it warms my heart to know they have pride in me. In the end, submission is denying oneself something in servitude of others, and in turn one finds themselves rewarded beyond what they ever could imagined. Month 10 begins now with no complaining, no fussing, and nothing but love...


  1. So beautiful, and such a happy story. I am so happy for you, hon! Few have the courage to embrace their true selves the way you have. Your posts always make me feel warm and giggly inside. :)

  2. Congrats! Bella Devina, I'm so proud of you! xox

  3. What happened that made you leak and rush to the bathroom so as not to mess your pretty panties? I am more interested in what was happening in your mind to make this happen than the physical aspect.