Monday, September 4, 2017

Day 70 in Sissy Chastity

Tonight begins Day 70 in chastity. At one point I didn't think 60 days was achievable without completely wigging out, but now I can see that 100 days is just a few weeks more.  My sissy clit leaks uncontrollably at least once a week and I try and control it from leaking when I can as my p-spot is sooo sensitive most days. It's an amazing feeling to no longer have any of my old sexual urges. All my sexuality is now focused on my p-spot and asspussy..

The sexual urges I get now are overwhelmingly strong of being fucked in my asspussy by Shecock or a Woman's Strapon. My emotional urges are centered around being brought to sissygasm by cock, daily. They say being in sissy chastity changes a sissy forever, and that the lessons learned stay with them, and I tend to agree with this. It changes your whole thought process about who and what you are. And if you are a self aware sissy, then it only deepens the affirmations.

I only hpe that when I get fucked to sissygasm, that my sissyclit stays limp and useless, leaking away like a real sissy should. A sissy needs to have dreams ;)

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