Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 95 in Sissy Chastity

Day 95 begins with me moving to a new device, the Holy Trainer. While it's a bit more tricky to get on the first time compared to the CB6000s, it does wear more comfortably. That may mean with day 100 less than a week away, I may be gearing up for a much longer haul, as I've exceeded my longest locked up period by double now.

Devina's Domme of the Day Sep 29

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

What's Your Fav Sissy Blowjob Trick?

Thinking back to earlier this week when I reached my milestone 25th different Shecock sucked/fucked, I fondly remembered back to when I was a Shecock neophyte. The feeling of cock on my lips for the first time was mindblowing, but thinking back to those days, I must have been a pretty boring Shecocksucker. Most likely the simplicity of the Popsicle blowjob was my only move. But as you taste more and more Shecock of all shapes and sizes, you develop skills and moves that you discover can make a cock hard and bring it to a warm sticky finish.

One of my slutty favorites is the dick slap. It's not a stimulating blowjob move, but it's a wonderfully degrading feeling of having my sissy face slapped by Shecock. It reminds me who's boss, and that I really don't deserve her cock unless I earn the right to make it hard, and to make it cum, either on my face or in my asspussy. It's a dirty, slutty feeling when a cock is slapped against your face, and a personal fav of mine.

I also love to look up at the TGirl who's cock is in my mouth from time to time. If I see Her with Her eyes closed, loving the blowjob I'm giving, it makes me proud and makes me want to try harder. Never forget to show your appreciation to the one who's cock you're sucking. In that moment, your only purpose in life is to worship that cock and make it cum.

Your tongue can be an amazing tool in your blowjob arsenal. One of my favorite moves is to take Her cock as deep as I can into my mouth and then work my tongue up and down the length of Her cock while fully inside my mouth, always remembering to swirl the tip when at the top, and if I can, to lick Her balls at the down stroke. This past tues night, I was working Joanne's cock like this and She was very responsive! Her cock grew to rock hard in my mouth, so if you find something that works, keep working it, sluts!

Know when to vary your pace. If you find yourself bringing a Shecock to the edge of pleasure too quickly, learn how to very your pace and intensity. Make love to that cock. Kiss it, rub it on your face, tell it how much you love it, and worship it in all ways, and all angles and speeds. Make Her remember your blowjob!

A key aspect to a good sissy blowjob is knowing when it's time to get ready for the big steamy hot load that is your hard earned reward! But don't be an ungrateful sissy whore, BEG FOR IT! Beg, plead, and be desperate for your reward. Make Her feel like you'd die without Her cum splattering all over your face, because Her cum is the only sexual satisfaction you will earn, and being marked a s a sissy cumslut over and over is what cements your palce beneath all Women and TGirls. Make Her feel special..

When it's time to have your sissy face painted with hot cum, present your face as a good target. Get up close and make sure all Her cum hits your face. Let it drip down your cheeks, and mouth and savor every drop.

 When the cum hits your face, remember slut, a sissy is not done! The Shecock that just painted your face is it it's most sensitive and this is your chance to prove how much you love that cock. Keep sucking and milk that cock for every last drop you can suck out of it, and the key here is to SUCK. Be a wanton whore at this moment, enjoy every last second of your glorious sluttiness!

And finally, be grateful! Smile, and revel in the hot sticky mess that is your sissy face. This moment is everything you strive for; to be a dirty slut and a cum whore. You have found your place where you belong, now bask in it's glow...

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