Sunday, August 27, 2017

Can't Even Remember the Last Time I Thought About Pussy

The longer one gives themselves to living and expressing their true inner sissy self, and the deeper they delve into their true sissy nature with the help of Dominant Women around them, seismic shifts in your entire being begin to take place.  The process and effects sometimes begin gradually, and then once you recognize it for yourself, you find that you are far beyond the point of ever going back, and even more, you realize that you no longer would ever want to.

It was Mistress Morganna, and later Lady Diva Cane, that opened the door within me to  overcome my fears and satisfy my curiosity to experience my first Shecock. One taste of Diamond's Shecock that one fateful evening, and I was hooked. But how could I ever know what that one taste of Shecock would lead to?

I find myself at a point in life where all I think about sexually is Shecock. I wake up from a night's sleep and the first kinky thoughts in my head are sucking and fucking Shecock. I look at my twitter feed and see all the beautiful T-Girls I follow and get a steady diet of visual Shecock through the day. I see a beautiful Woman and all I can think of his how I would make a face cushion for Her ass, and how I could present myself in front of Her as a sissy to be used by Her. The idea of me obtaining a Woman sexually has vanished from my thoughts.  I dream of being pounded by Shecock in front of groups of Women, hearing their laughter and hoots of delight.  I constantly think of the Shecocks I've sucked and the hot steamy facials I've taken. It's all serving Shecock, and being subservient to Women as nothing but a sissy. The mental transformation has been fully completed..

All the new Female relationships I've been making in my life are with amazing Women who are Dommes and who I am blessed to build friendships as the real person I am, both inside and out. Their warmth and acceptance provides me far more inner fulfillment and growth than trying to fake a relationship with a Woman who has little or no understanding of who I am; who Devina really is.

Since one tends not to have success chatting up a Girl at the local pub or patio with the topic of transformations, and sucking Shecocks like a trashy whore, there has been little efforts in that area of my life, when I have been so fortunate to have made real and meaningful connections with so many Dommes.

I'm also fully past the point where I feel any inner guilt or shame in my unabashed love for Shecock. Besides, I'm damn good at sucking cock, so hell yeah I'm proud of myself! In fact I know I could probably deep throat better than a lot of Girls...

The moral of the story for gurls reading this is not to be afraid of your deepest desires. Be safe, be true to yourself, and follow your heart, even if your eyes don't know where it's leading you. I mean it's led me to be locked in sissy chastity for 61 days and counting, all the while craving for Shecock to fuck me to a mind blowing sissygasm, and I'm happy :)

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