Thursday, July 27, 2017

30 Days in the Hole. Locked, Limp & Leaking

Tonight begins Day 30 for me in sissy chastity, for no other reason that to please the Dominant Women in my life, and to honor them by reaffirming my devotion to Femdomination. Every sissy should push their own limits, boundaries, and personal bests. My previous personal best in sissy chastity was 39 days and I hope to eclipse my personal best by a wide margin.

Each time I've given myself to locking my sissyclit, the goal has been to deepen my sissy experience, both physically and mentally, and each time I have, including this time. For the first time in my sissy life, I'm leaking and the 6 times it has happened now, only reinforces the fact that I'm indeed a real and evolving sissy gurl. Sissy gurls strive to have their sissy clits shrink over time, and leak and dribble, and to learn to cum like a Woman, via penetration of their asspussy.  For all the amazing Feminine experiences I have been bless to have in my life, this is indeed a milestone!

Your new normal
I can't always control when I'm about to leak but the sensation of trying to hold it, delay it and enjoy it has been most challenging. I hope that the longer I go, the more I can try and harness this Womanly power that has been blessed upon me. I so badly want to feel my Mistresses' cock fill me up as I leak for Her. I want to feel the sensation of real Shecock pounding my P-Spot as I leak all over my thighs as I shudder with delight. I'm at the precipice of my most Womanly experience to date and it is as exhilarating as  the first time I put on my Sister-in-law, Anna's panties!

It's almost shrunk to proper size!

The best part of extended sissy chastity is the sissy clit atrophy that shrinks a sissy's clit over time due to lack of nasty erections, and the physiological conditioning of the mind and body to accept that you are no longer able to experience sexual gratification via your pathetic little penis. It wou;d be truly wonderful to one day experience sissy sex with a fully limp and useless sissyclit with no chastity device, bouncing away as my asspussy gets filled with Strapons & Shecock. That is the goal, to deepen my experience fully into this sissy life. To make those Women who have embraced me, truly happy to see that their plaything has morphed into something beyond return.

The next steps are to combine the sissy leaking with manipulating my sissy p-spot to experience a full blown sissygasm.  Sissy's always have new goals on the horizion, no matter how far they have come in their journey. Thats what makes being a sissy so rewarding....the journey is never ending!


  1. You, my dear, are my very favorite read of the morning! I so love not just your dedication, but your mindset. Such a happy, loving acceptance of submission, chastity, and sissygasms makes my heart happy.

  2. Thank you. Submission is far more the conditioning of the mind and psyche. Where they go, the body follows

  3. You should keep a journal of how you feel each day.