Thursday, July 27, 2017

30 Days in the Hole. Locked, Limp & Leaking

Tonight begins Day 30 for me in sissy chastity, for no other reason that to please the Dominant Women in my life, and to honor them by reaffirming my devotion to Femdomination. Every sissy should push their own limits, boundaries, and personal bests. My previous personal best in sissy chastity was 39 days and I hope to eclipse my personal best by a wide margin.

Each time I've given myself to locking my sissyclit, the goal has been to deepen my sissy experience, both physically and mentally, and each time I have, including this time. For the first time in my sissy life, I'm leaking and the 6 times it has happened now, only reinforces the fact that I'm indeed a real and evolving sissy gurl. Sissy gurls strive to have their sissy clits shrink over time, and leak and dribble, and to learn to cum like a Woman, via penetration of their asspussy.  For all the amazing Feminine experiences I have been bless to have in my life, this is indeed a milestone!

Your new normal
I can't always control when I'm about to leak but the sensation of trying to hold it, delay it and enjoy it has been most challenging. I hope that the longer I go, the more I can try and harness this Womanly power that has been blessed upon me. I so badly want to feel my Mistresses' cock fill me up as I leak for Her. I want to feel the sensation of real Shecock pounding my P-Spot as I leak all over my thighs as I shudder with delight. I'm at the precipice of my most Womanly experience to date and it is as exhilarating as  the first time I put on my Sister-in-law, Anna's panties!

It's almost shrunk to proper size!

The best part of extended sissy chastity is the sissy clit atrophy that shrinks a sissy's clit over time due to lack of nasty erections, and the physiological conditioning of the mind and body to accept that you are no longer able to experience sexual gratification via your pathetic little penis. It wou;d be truly wonderful to one day experience sissy sex with a fully limp and useless sissyclit with no chastity device, bouncing away as my asspussy gets filled with Strapons & Shecock. That is the goal, to deepen my experience fully into this sissy life. To make those Women who have embraced me, truly happy to see that their plaything has morphed into something beyond return.

The next steps are to combine the sissy leaking with manipulating my sissy p-spot to experience a full blown sissygasm.  Sissy's always have new goals on the horizion, no matter how far they have come in their journey. Thats what makes being a sissy so rewarding....the journey is never ending!

Devina's Domme of the Day July 27

Devina's TGirl of the Day July 27

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why Shecock Should be THE Cock

Lets face it. If you are a submissive, panty boi, emerging sissy, or full blown sissy whore, you will at some point be faced with the very real prospect of sucking cock.  Whether it's your Mistress who wishes to cement your submission to Her, or your own urges and desires that is leading you to this life altering crossroads, we can make this experience one that can either haunt us with guilt or enrich our very soul.  So many of you, like I did once, endure plenty of mental anguish, guilt, fear, trepidation, anxiety, and even full blown panic attacks over the idea of what becomes of you once that first cock meets your lips.  But I am here to tell you, there is a much better way. Embrace Shecock.

 All in all there are 5 main reasons why if you are being trained to suck cock, or your own curiosities, urges, and desires are leading you in that direction, that you should choose Shecock as THE cock, and one day you will be grateful for this advice...


Yes there will be obstacles to overcome, and mental hurdles to leap over, but when it comes down to it, being with a Trans Woman is the same as being with any Woman, except Her clit is just a bit bigger. She smells like a Woman, acts like a Woman, dresses like a Woman, is smooth like a Woman, kisses like a Woman, is tender like a Woman, and in just about every way, will put your mind at ease like a Woman. After your experience it is far easier to reconcile your feelings and emotions after being with a TGirl, regardless should you choose to pursue more Shecock or not, than opposed to reconciling your feelings after being with a hairy, smelly, much poorer hygienic boor such as this..

Seriously, WTF??!!??

 Instead you can experience something magical, even if it is only for one moment in your life with a beautiful creature such as this...

 Trans Women as time goes on in our society are gaining more acceptance and in a few short years from now, any stigmas will only decrease over time, so your curiosity will not be something that will haunt you, unlike Mr guns & ammo (yuuuck!)


Go back and look at the hairy mess with his gun collection. Wanna take a guess at how disgusting his junk would be with all that hair holding body odors. Wanna guess at how much effort males like that  put into hygiene? Exactly... Makes me shudder , and it should you too.

 Now look at this beautiful vision...

I can tell you from experience, as I have sucked on Her cock more than once, it tastes like a slice of heaven! It's a taste that tattoos itself into your brain and becomes addicting. TGirls put a tremendous amount of effort and energy to be ultra feminine and it only adds to the experience being highly rewarding. There is simply no comparison!


If you are a closet sissy, budding sissy, or full blown sissy slut, the more time you spend in the company of Trans Women, the more comfortable you will feel in your own Feminine skin.  Seeing them live their lives, and interacting with them, breaks down your own barriers in accepting your sissy side, and will help you embrace your own Woman within.  In my own experiences in being with TGirls transformed as Devina, I find them to be very accepting, encouraging, and a source of an emotional touchstone, as they at one point have been in your wobbly shoes. They are far more open minded, and less judgemental than any male would be.  Embrace what they have to offer in terms of inspiration!


 Again, I'm speaking from experience as I've been on the business end of Danika's Shecock seen above. My asspussy has been absolutely pounded by Shecock and in no way if you want a hard aggressive fuck, will you ever be disappointed. TGirls have all the same experience in using their Shecocks as anyone, in fact they have a masters degree in fucking. Being pinned back with your legs in the air and seeing a gorgeous Woman slam your sissy hole with Her real cock and to have her finish you off with a hot steaming load is a mind blowing experience that you will come to crave again and again.


If you are submissive in any way, you have found your natural place below any Woman. As a subbie, panty boi, sissy, or sissy whore, you know that you never deserve, nor will ever attain a Woman's pussy ever again. Once she has trained you to suck cock, you are of no use to Her as anything but a toy to manipulate, use, and for Her entertainment. Sex for you now is serving p your asspussy for Her strapon and for Shecock.

Each time you are taken by Shecock, it reinforces the natural state of things, that while you feel you are with a beautiful Feminine creature, you are no closer to ever servicing a Woman's pussy, and in fact YOU are the one who will be pleasing Her cock. Each time I have been fucked by Shecock, with each thrust it cements my place beneath Women and TGirls, and being used by their cocks to please them is the only reward I could hope for. 

So remember, Shecock should be THE cock you come to love, worship, suck and embrace. Your Mistress will be impressed the first time She speaks about you learning to suck cock for Her, and you eagerly ask to suck Shecock. The bonds between you will only grow...