Sunday, May 28, 2017

It's Just Natural for Some

There is a line that exists if you're a sissy. Some have crossed this threshold, others have not, but it's always in the minds of all of us gurls. The line represents different milestones. For some it's owining their own first pair of panties, or sucking their first real cock. For others it's being a sissy gangbang whore and cumslut. But when you begin to cross your first line, you will always find another, and then another, and with each milestone, you find that it's simply natural to surrender to your real inner sissy self.

Real sissies love surrender, because it allows them to connect with who they really are. I truly feel sorry for those gurls who have yet to find the courage to take their first unsure steps in heels towards a sissy future. It can be completely scary, but if you be true to yourself, and follow your heart, it really isn't. In fact it can be the most liberating thing you have ever done!

Embracing your real inner Feminine self will feel like removing a giant burden off your soul and like the swish of a skirt, you will begin to feel lighter than air. It can be that empowering if you let it. Don't hide Her any longer....

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