Friday, April 14, 2017

The Transgender Women Landscape

Courtesy of Renee Reyes


There is a very wide variety of trans-women operating amongst the comprehensive transgender landscape.

Following are the most common variations & aspects associated with each:

The Beginning Transgender 



For beginning trans-girls, the desire for another transgender girl often runs pretty deep. (No pun, intended) This attraction intensifies with gals they consider prettier or more feminine than themselves. Their ultimate sexual desire is often to have sex “while dressed” with an attractive and passable pre-operative transsexual.

For these new gals? The whole concept of having a sexual relationship "as a woman" is a rush. They're often not attracted to masculine men. Also, costuming & lingerie is often an important component of their desires as these feminine accoutrements heighten the sensation associated with their newfound female identity & freedom.

As I surmised above, their attraction is often based upon a celebration of
finally exploring their transgender leanings.

the heterosexual crossdresser or transvestite

This is the largest and most common group of t-girls. They often share the same "pent up passion" as the early stager, but for different reasons. Typically, they are not able to enjoy their fem side with their female spouse or significant other. The married ones have the most to lose in the event of indiscretion, and are much more careful than their single counterparts.

Most are only attracted to women, and would consider themselves "quasi" lesbian, when it comes to their sexual feelings while dressed. In fact, if you "peeked" into their personal inventory of "XXX movies" - you would likely find an inordinate number of lesbian flicks.

Pro's & Con's: They have usually spent a lot more time thinking about their sexuality than you have. To attempt to change their minds can be both an irritation - and an insult. I'm not saying they don't appreciate compliments - most TV's do. However, more blatant sexual contact to them feels about the same as another "masculine" guy coming up and grabbing your ass - it's disgusting and repulsive. Most can't be smooth bodied due to lifestyle considerations.

The Advanced Trans-girl 


Trans-girls with more experience sometimes explore broadening their sexual horizons - depending upon if they’re married or single. While they might still be attracted to another lovely trans-girl, they’re usually less caught up in the sensation associated with transgender-transgender attraction. Thus, they're more likely to seek partners they find appealing on a physical and spiritual level - regardless of gender.

If they're ever going to find masculine men appealing as partners? This is the phase where they're most likely to explore that leaning. More than one gal on this planet finds men appealing in her female persona but is not remotely attracted to that same guy in her male role.
That only sounds strange to someone that isn't trans. *Laugh*

The Early Stage Pre-operative Transsexual 



When a trans-gal first begins gender transition, her life often gets overwhelmed with novel sensations caused by an exciting new existence and minor changes occurring in her body & mind.


never know who these gals are going to find appealing as they tend to be all over the map. By nature, it's a stage of change. These gals probably aren't easily cast as any sort of admirer - because the woman they consider most appealing? Is the one they're creating on the horizon.

Can you's all about
me? *Laugh* I don't know how anybody could stand being around me when I was in this phase of evolution.

The Full-time Pre-Operative Transsexual Female

Women who live 24/7 as women for a long time tend to settle back into traditional desires when it comes to a partner. These gals are usually past any
sensation associated with their female existence.

Unfortunately, they're still forced to constantly deal with their pre-operative loins in all phases of their life. Thus, drama-related transgender attraction is the
last thing they often want or need in life. It's easy for a gal in this situation to get jaded. They're needing and wanting a normal relationship with someone they find appealing. Normalcy - is often the one aspect missing from their lives. Most potential partners are either not comfortable with their "situation"...or too enamored by their unique anatomy. Thus, the process of sorting out “which-is-which”…gets old.

A number of gals in this phase will explore a committed union with a masculine male - even if they’re not naturally wired to men. They sometimes tire of lesbian-based issues associated with trading off various roles between masculine & feminine. After working so very hard to become a chick? Who wants to share that new territory with another?


The Post-Operative Transsexual Female

Attraction - for post-operative transsexual women tends to more closely follow whatever sexual orientation this gal was born. Gay or's all good. You are, who you are. Plus, as a "postie" - a gal's finally in a position to not have to disclose her unique gender until she feels it's appropriate. Sometimes…in more brief connections? They never share that info.

Lesbian leanings continue to be most common for this group when we’re talking about long-term associations. This probably has a lot to do with initial beginnings: 70% of beginning trans-people start off identifying as heterosexual. Thus, as full-blooded women? That translates to lesbian. Make sense?

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