Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy International Women's Day

"I'm an arrogant male chauvinist pig, who needs Your control, guidance, and discipline, and You are going to give it to me."

Those were the first words I was instructed to know and recite by the first ever Domme I served for the first time, Mistress Morganna. The fact was, that I was a clueless stupid male with no real understanding of the world I just had entered, let alone what was to become of me up to this very day.

Mistress Morganna from that moment forth, began to break down piece by piece, each and every male aspect of my psyche and began the task to reshaping me in Her far better image of what a sub should be. From that day forth, Dominant Women have been a major part of my life and without them my existence would be a diminished shallow one, robbed of experiences and growth that have evolved me to something far better than being a male. I look back proudly at how far I've come and it's all due to the strong Dominant Women who have influenced me and who continue to do so each and every day. To them all, my sissy heart says thank you for making me into a better person. Thank you for making be embrace the sissy gurl within. Thank you for for dismantling and eradicating my male ego one thrust, one inch at a time. Thank you for opening my mind, my heart and my asspussy to new experiences and new loves. Thank you for teaching me to suck strapon cocks, which naturally progressed into me becoming a full-blown sissy cocksucker. Thank you for encouraging me never to be ashamed of who I was to become. Thank you for embracing me as your sissy.

To Mistress Morganna, Lady Diva Cane, Mistress Patricia, Lady Bernadett, Mistress Z, Suzanna Stern, Strapon Lady Jane, Maitresse Cathie La Divine, Cruel Dama, Goddess Brianna, Mistress Kendra James, Goddess Heather, and all those amazing Women who continue to lead me down the path to a better me, I love You all. May each day be Woman's Day!


  1. Thank you Devina for your kind words

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