Monday, March 20, 2017

Devina's Domme of the Day March 20


  1. Oh, lucky boy . . . and I'm glad to see his Mistresses are enjoying themselves!

  2. stare come una dolce cagnetta al centro delle attenzioni lussuriose di tre splendide signore invasate ed eccitate è il sogno privato nascosto inconfessabile di noi piccole trav innamorate del profumo di donna con tanti bei cazzi grossi che volano all'altezza del mio rotondo sodo e femmineo culo !! baci baci baci

  3. slave caged has learned in the two years it has been locked in chastity without an orgasm, that it is not about what slave wants, but rather what the superior female desires. slaves has learned that the pleasure and amusement of the superior female is really all that matters, absolutely nothing but total obedience will be tolerated. slave has accepted the fact he has no rights, he can no longer make choices or decisions and certainly cannot refuse. only the superior female is allowed to make choices and decisions.