Thursday, March 23, 2017

They Aren't Always Great

I've been tremendously fortunate and blessed many times over in my sissy journey. I've had experiences and have evolved into something and someone beyond my wildest dreams. I've made wonderful and amazing connections with Dommes and TGirls of all sorts and I cherish so many memories. I've been proud to share as many of them with you as I can, and as accurately as I can recall over the years.  But sometimes the experiences turn out to be a huge disappointment.

I believe I've avoided more than most subs and sissies. Lady Diva says I have discriminating taste, and I like to believe Her, but like anyone who lives their lives in the Alt world, sometimes things just go wrong, and when it's an experience with someone you've had great times with, it's hugely disheartening.

 I won't bother to identify the person or offer much in details because I'd like to think we all can have a bad day. But as a sissy gurl who works hard to present herself as good as possible given the circumstances of the day, I always pride myself in being pleasant, and prepared (shaved, douched etc). My experiences with Shecock become life affirming cherished experiences, and over the past few years, I've grown to become a full bottom sissy who absolutely loves being filled with hot throbbing Shecock.  I pride myself on being an energetic slut who loves to push back hard on Shecock, knows how to deepthroat, and always is left wanting more.  It's a badge of honour to have your face painted by hot sticky shecum and to feel like a dirty whore at the end of it. A sissy should work hard for her cock and I like to think that I've been taught well in knowing how to do just that.

So when it all goes wrong and the experience is an awful one, it's a bit soul crushing to a gurl. And in the days since it's left me questioning why I go though all the trouble?  It's been a very long time since I've had an experience that has made me question my sissy existence, and I'm sure it will pass, but when it's with someone in whom you've had amazing experiences in the past, to suddenly go to a never forget bad one, it hurts.

Time to let this one pass and let my sissy batteries re-charge a bit

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