Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shecock for Breakfast

The above pictured beauty is Canadian porn star Danika Dreamz. I've had the pleasure of having my lips wrapped around that beautiful Shecock of Hers 5 times now, and it's one of my favorites. Out of the 2 dozen or so Shecocks I've sucked on, Hers is one of the most perfect. Not too big, not too small, not too thin, and not too girthy. The head when erect is like a beautiful lollipop and the shaft gets thicker towards the base. I can close my eyes and know every last detail of Her Shecock including how it tastes and smells. It's simply glorious.

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Danika again, although I almost missed out as our schedules only overlapped by a short time. However it gave me an opportunity to experience something sort of new; Shecock for breakfast.

 The plan was to meet Danika at Her hotel, and then later to taker Her to the airport where She was headed home. Needless to say it was an early wakeup with me having to be at Her place by 7:45am. I made it on time, even stopping at Starbucks to get Her a latte. When I arrrived, She was beautiful as ever wearing a  lovely skin tight dress.

Having seen each other several times, it didn't take long to be reacquainted and soon we were making out on Her bed like teens. After an extended DFK session, I couldn't help but slide down to the end of the bed where a bulge in her panties was calling me. Popping Her cock out of Her panties is like opening a gift on xmass morning. I took to it instinctively, savoring the sensation of feeling it grow harder and harder in my mouth and throat as I deep throated Her cock again and again. Danika grabbed my hair and I almost thought She might blow her morning wood load into the back of my throat, which would have been amazing, but Danika was just getting started.

She knew full well what I wanted, rather what I needed and craved. Soon enough my head was up against the headboard, with her pinning my legs to my shoulders as She began to work Her cock into my asspussy. Not having had the chance that morning to train my asspussy a little, being it so early, I was trying to relax as quick as I could while She began slowly thrusting Her cock into me. When She finally entered me fully, I gasped and my eyes opened wide and I smiled broadly. Her cock felt sooooo good, and She began fucking me like a bitch; hard and fast.  Moaning and gasping, pinned up against the headboard, I had no choice but to be used up as much as She wanted.

"Your cock feels so gooood inside me, damn I love it!" I gasped.

Danika took this as a sign to fuck me even harder while starting to stroke my sissy-clit. Soon I was feeling Her balls slap my ass hard as She worked Herself into a lather. When you find that sweet spot of being fucked by real Shecock, you simply hope that the moment never ends. In that instance your sole purpose is to be fucked, to please Her Shecock, to make it twitch and explode it's hot load. There is no other thought or desire other than to serve Her cock!

Seeing Danika's titties bounce with each thrust, and having Her lean over to kiss me while She fucked me over and over was a slice of heaven. I reached as best I could with my hands to grab Her ass to pull Her into me deeper and deeper until I felt the beginning of what would amount to be an enormous eruption! Danika never stopped as my sissy clit popped and with each wave, I clenched my asspussy down hard on Her Shecock until I felt Her ready to join me in a hot sticky mess. Soon I was rewarded..

With each hot sticky spurt on my face, I was reassured my place in the natural order of things. Danika painted my face like the sissy whore I really am, and my reward was being rubbed all over my lips and mouth as Danika swirled her still twitching Shecock over my face. All I could do was smile as I looked up as She straddled over me, to see nothing but Shecock, tits and Her face.

Shecock and hot cum for breakfast, all before 9am. I love my sissy life!

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