Saturday, December 23, 2017

6 Months in Sissy Chastity

Tonight marks a new milestone in my journey into my true inner Femme spirit. 6 months ago, out of devotion to Lady Diva Cane and Maitresse Cathie La Divine, I began a lengthy journey into sissy chastity.  Previously I had reached a period of almost 40 days, but tonight in retrospect, that was a mere bump in the road.

In efforts to fully crush my Emasculated male Ego (EME), my goal is to deny any former pleasures my EME once enjoyed. So as the months in sissy chastity have rolled by, there has been no complaining, no whining, and no begging of either Domme for release, because a release date is not the goal. The goal is to transform my body mind and spirit to only receive pleasure as a true Feminized sissy, and that is only from penetration of Shecock in it's two forms.

With so many sissy dreams fulfilled in my sissy life, the biggest ones lay ahead. I will suck Shecock for my Mistress in Her presence, and in the presence of other Women, Dommes or not. I will also experience a full blown sissygasm with a hot throbbing Shecock in my asspussy, and I will be a complete whore for that Shecock in from of my Mistress. I want to feel cum leaking out of my asspussy, and I want to see the smile on the faces of those enjoying my degradation as my makeup gets ruined with hot sticky cum for their amusement.

Lady Diva and I have been formulating the plan for some time now. We know which TGirl we'd like to join us, and I'm extremely glad I'll be worshiping black Shecock for all to enjoy. There may be 3 Dommes present and perhaps more. That remains to be seen. The problem has been as of late is to bring all the moving parts into harmony, but I have faith that it will all come together when it's meant to be. Maybe it will be 7 months, maybe 8 or 9, or maybe on the one year anniversary, I won't complain.

I already know how much it pleases both Lady Diva and Miss Cathie, so my reward lays in Their happiness, that I have devoted my sexual energy of release towards Their happiness. I also know that when the momentous occasion happens, Devina's life will have gone to a completely new level, and desires to be a whore for Shecock in front of more and more Women will only increase. That is an exciting prospect, to come full circle after the lightning bolt that struck me as a toddler crawling under the kitchen table and stroking the pantyhose clad legs that belonged to our guests and hearing them all laugh at my reaction. How could anyone predict such an innocent act as a wee person, would lead such a powerful trans-formative evolution?

There is no shame in following your dreams. I will do all I can to make as many of them come true and to keep dreaming. #sissylife

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