Sunday, December 10, 2017

3 Years Pussy Free

As someone who has enjoyed chronicling my journey from one time panty boi sub to Shecock loving sissy whore, sometimes milestones catch me by surprise. The other day I realized that a pretty significant moment is now entered into it's 4th year: I've been 100% pussy free for 3 years as of mid Nov.

I'm typing this almost in amazement, that  such an occasion was not even on my personal radar. It's with a sense of personal pride that my sissy life has evolved me so much that I no longer think of, pursue, nor are ruled by the driving male force that makes males do such stupid and moronic things.

Instead, my sissy life has been fulfilled by the Womanly guidance of amazing Dommes in my life, and any and all sexual urges, needs and desires have been completely replaced by the need to worship Shecock.

As I soon enter my 6th month in sissy chastity, it's a stunning bit of self realization as to how much of myself has been fully reprogrammed. Love for me means making the Dommes in my life happy, and sex for me means being fully subservient to Shecock in all it's forms. What's even more fascinating is that I simply don't even miss any of what my old male urges and biology besieged me with.  It's proof that if you want to change badly enough, you can reinvent yourself as something new, even if you can't dream it possible when you start.

I'm so grateful to the Women in my sissylife who have all combined their love, acceptance, encouragement, guidance, and energy into helping me find a new normal. It's a wonderful xxxmas gift to discover by accident.



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