Sunday, November 27, 2016

Only Thing Better Than One Shecock

Sometimes as a Shecock loving sissy, the stars align on rare moments. The other night was such a time, and I'm glad to say I've checked another box of the list of slutty things Devina has accomplished. I was trying to do something I've never done before, and that was to fuck 3 different shecocks in one night, and while I couldn't make all three happen, I did give up my sissy asspussy for two gorgeous trans Women and their Shedicks.

Miss Dior was first on my itinerary, as a beautiful energetic TGirl and a veteran of several porn films.  We hit it off right away and after some chocolates and deep french kissing, I readily gave up my asspussy to her as she took me doggy style. It felt sooo good to feel real shecock inside me again, and She enthusiastically pounded away at me. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the wonderful feelings of being subservient to Shecock and kept wishing that it would never end. While fucking me she teased my sissyclit until it began to leak uncontrollably as I tingled and shuddered. We both cuddled and deep kissed some more, caressing each other in our own feminine energies. Normally that would have made for a great evening's work for a sissy slut, but I  was just getting started!

I've been so fortunate to have spent intimate time with some of the most beautiful TGirls in the world. Nefertiti, Danika Dreamz, Lucy Bissette, and many others, but Lola Swift was a TGirl I had waited years to see and that moment was finally at hand. There was a reason why I chose to see Ms Dior first, as she broke me in for what Lola packs in her panties..

Lola has always vouched to have a true 9" Shecock, and seeing it first hand as She pulled her panties off, was heart stopping, even as it was soft. I had been with Gigi before who has a huge girth, but Lola's Shecock was both wide and long and I knew She would tear my asspussy up in ways that would be a new frontier for me.

That being said, I was still cock high from being fucked a short while earlier, and I enthusiastically went to work on bringing Lola's Shecock to life with my mouth. Soon it was growing and I began to employ all the cocksucking skills I've learned along the way until it was a majestic sight to behold. Lola was thrilled that I knew how to deep throat and I gorged myself on that beautiful slab of Shecock. I was in heaven, but Lola had bigger and better plans.

Lola pushed me back, ordered me on my back with my heels in the air and legs spread wide. I immediately did as ordered, trying to calm my nerves as much as I could knowing that monster Shecock would be knocking at my back door in seconds. I tried to relax as She swirled the tip of her cock around my asspussy and then she was ready to fuck this sissy.

And then She pushed inside of me and I could feel her stretching me unlike what I was prepared for. It took a few attempts but then She slowly worked it into my asspussy until her entire hot Shecock was all the way inside as I clamped my asspussy down on her cock to feel her fully connected to me in that moment. It was amazing!

Now fully inside of me, Lola grabbed my heels and began to deliver a true porn style fuck that made me take leave of my senses. It was enormous, awesome, unyielding, and sent me to a magical place, where all I wanted was Her cock and I never wanted it to end!

Lola dug her nails into my hips as She pulled closer to me, and jackhammered away. I never felt so full and so overwhelmed by a Shecock, since maybe going back to the first moment MistressZ took my sissy virginity all those years ago. I moaned, I bounced in rhythm to try and maximize every inch of her taking me, using me, and owning me. My sissy clit bounced around useless and inconsequential. It was all about Her cock and I was determined to feel her explode within me.

 She rolled me over with her cock still inside me and was unrelenting, and I fucking loved it! I could feel her balls slap away at my sissy ass, and in that moment I was exactly where the universe needed me to be. In that moment I was her whore, her slut, and her piece of fuck meat and I clenched down as best I could as She rode me until I could feel her tense up. I knew that heavenly moment was arriving!

She thrust one last time deep into me and for a moment we both froze as I felt her cock spasm inside me as I clenched down hard! Reverberations of Her orgasm sent shockwaves through my asspussy like a giant stone hitting a pond. I moaned out loud and hoped this moment wouldn't end. It was sooooo fucking amazing!

In the moments that went by as we both came down off the energetic high we both were on, Lola pulled out of me to show me the huge load she left in her condom. In that moment I was a proud and happy sissy slut, and in fact the afterglow of that experience stayed with me for a couple days.  It was as satisfying as any sexual experience I'd ever had, including before I discovered and embraced my inner sissy.  Being a sissy slut for Shecock was so gratifying, so fullfilling, and quite frankly, very addicting. Serving two cocks in one night, only fuels me to try and top that. My lifelong dream is to serve a single shecock in a room of Women, and I took a step closer to getting there. Maybe it will be two shecocks at once with a Mistress or Her and Her friends. It's wonderful to have goals and to get yourself closer to them.

Never let go of your dreams gurls!

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