Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nothing But Shecock Now

I've come to realize that I can't remember the last time I was turned on or stimulated by anything other than Shecock, be it real trans cock or a Domme Woman's strapon. The switch has been completely flipped as each day the constant positive reinforcement by Lady Diva Cane and all the Domme Women in my life, encourage me to live my dreams and follow my true self's wants and desires.

Sexual fulfillment to me is being allowed to satisfy a Woman with my mouth, or to amuse Her with surrendering my asspussy to Her strapon. The only real cock that matters is a hot throbbing Shecock that I'm worshiping and eagerly coaxing out my sissy reward of a wet, sticky facial. Not a day goes by when I don't think of having a Shecock in my mouth or asspussy.

It's nothing like the urges and desires I once had as a ugly male subbie. No, this is completely different, a seismic shift in my neurological pathways. I embraced being a sissy lesbian long ago, so unlike sissies who prostrate themselves to lesser evolved males, my embrace of Shecock knows no internal shame. My desires to make those around me who have embraced the real me, means I'm able to express my love to them in many ways, and a large part of that is the continued positive reinforcement of serving Shecock for their pleasure, their amusement, and their satisfaction. It's truly a wonderful thing to know the Dominant Women in your life know that you love Shecock, and do so because you know it makes them happy to see a sissy transform herself into a more advanced submissive with their guidance.

 It's also internally satisfying to know that my circle of trusted Women in my life that are aware of my sissy life has continued to expand. Whereas at one point, only Mistress Morganna and Lady Diva were the only 2 people on the planet that knew who the real me was, now that circle has grown to over 10, and it gets easier over time to bring more into that trusted circle. With each pleasured Shecock, it gets easier and easier to share those experiences with the Women who I've come to trust and love in only a way that a sissy can. In turn, they encourage me more and more to push new boundaries and to follow my heart.

When you surrender your asspussy to a Domme, in that moment you create a bond that is unique and that is truly special. Her power over you is absolute in that moment, and your submission is cemented. It becomes a major sign post in one's life. The same is true when you take the next step of being fucked by real Shecock...

From that exact moment you open yourself up to a real Shecock, your life as you knew it ceases to exist. Everything you were or thought you were, now becomes the illusion to sell to anyone who sees you outside your sissy life. Whereas before, your sissy life was what you thought was the illusion, the thing you could control, once you surrender to Shecock and become a moaning sissy bitch being pounded by hot throbbing cock, the scales reverse and you have no choice but to accept and embrace the new and improved you.

My own personal Shecock pleasing achievements puts me no better or worse than anyone else, but after pleasuring Shecock 40 or so times and having my asspussy pounded 9 times and counting, there is no other path for me. When I shared a self made video of me with a TGirl as She jacked off her Shecock onto my face with Lady Diva, that was one of the proudest moments of my life as Devina. Seeing Her reaction and Her smile as to the results of Her efforts into shaping me as a proper sissy slut was a moment of indescribable joy. For every lowly, greedy, pathetic manipulative male sub She has ever had to tolerate, I felt as if I could reward Her for what She's done for my life. That sissy pride is far more satisfying than and session induced orgasm one could ever have, besides, this sissy knows that my own sissygsams will be far more life changing than any of my 'old' ones ever could be. My love of Shecock is possible only by the Women who have sissified me and have permanently transformed me and my life's desires..

In discovering that my sissy happiness is completely intertwined with pleasing the Women and Trans Women in my life, the resulting transformation is powerful and euphoric. There is no shame in sucking a Shecock for a Woman's pleasure, and there is nothing but pride in riding a Shecock to the squeals and howls of delight of a Female audience. In order for one to keep growing, they must keep on shedding their skin of the past, to allow to grow new. It's because of Femdomination and my never ceasing desire to make all the Domme Women in my life pleased with me, that I know that I must continue onward, and that my journey is one that will always be full of Womanly enrichment.

Every smile, laugh, and feeling of perceived humiliation that comes from willingly being transformed into a Shecocksucking sissy slut is worth it and more. Being fucked by Shecock in front of Dommes and vanilla Women alike, will only further anchor my commitment to the amazing Dominant Women in my life now, and the ones still to come. Thank you for allowing me to be your sissy, your slut, your cocksucker, and your whore. I cherish your gifts daily.




  1. noi piccole trav chiediamo in fondo poche cose per essere felici...vogliamo esser femminucce...vogliamo vestir sexy...e vogliamo essere amate come creature dolci e passionali da chi che sia uomini o donne con noi vince l'amore universale ci piace fare di tutto per avere il cuore allegro e felice !!! grazie devina Cox sei stupenda baci baci baci

  2. Hi, i wish to become a sissy lesbian sucking she cocks as well, but the male ego is hard to let go in my society. How should I start?

  3. Find a Dominant Woman, be honest with Her and give yourself to Her

  4. Thank you Devina for sharing so much of your story.

    A lot of what I read and see on your blog here are fantasies that I'll probably never experience.

    I love seeing the pictures that you post, and really loved reading this post because it gives me some idea about you as a person.

    Thank you again, and keep having fun in life!