Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Creation of Womania Empire

Recently I was excited to learn that a new Femdomination Matriarchal micronation will be emerging from the inspiration that was The Other World Kingdom (OWK), in the form of Womania Empire 

For those not familiar, OWK was not a "playspace" or "dungeon" but an entire vision based on supreme Gynarchy and Matriarchy in which Women had a world where they ruled completely and without exception over males. The OWK at it's peak even held land and in Czech Republic and was a beacon for Dommes and slaves alike to devote their energies into creating a living, breathing world where Women ruled that world under Queen Patricia I, starting from June 1996.
For reasons of which I'm not familiar with, the OWK grounds were put up for sale in 2008, while the OWK remained in the virtual domain to this day. However a new vision of a Female ruled micronation, Womaina Empire is alive and is taking shape with the goal of 2017 to unveil itself, once again in brick and mortar form, again under the Imperial Rule of Queen Patricia I, and Her Court.

When I first learned of the OWK, I was fascinated by it's goals and the world in which it strived to create. At that point in my submissiveness, involvement in such a world was far beyond my understanding, and ability, so in many ways it was rather unnerving, but fascinating nonetheless. Slaves were absolute property of their Female owners and suffered punishments that were beyond my comprehension at the time, yet the idea that a world could exist where Women reigned supreme never left me. At that time, I was barely a panty slave, and nowhere remotely close to the Feminized Shecock serving sissy slut I am today. Having evolved so much since then, to learn now of the creation of Womaina Empire is truly exciting and was something I could feel that I could support and perhaps even take part in. The outline of Womania Empire is as follows :


WOMANIA EMPIRE is a project run by The Other World Kingdom company (OWK), which has been actively functioning in the area of Female Dominance and Supremacy for 20 years. Womania Empire will be run economically, legally with accounting by a new company WOMANIA EMPIRE Ltd, whose only owner is The Other World Kingdom (OWK). 

Purpose and aim of Womania Empire is to create a society on basis of feudal state with head - The Empress (Patricia I., the Queen of the OWK), run by the principles of Ultra-Matriarchy and allowing active participation (citizenship) either to persons (in a form of Citizenship for Women and men or as a registered slave) or companies, associations, foundations, productions, publishing companies, web portals etc. (in a form of Membership), whose activities are in accordance with basic principles of Womania Empire.

Womania Empire honours, professes and implements:

- Woman is Superior to man in every aspect of life
- man has right to participate actively in Womania Empire development
- man must never have executive power
- man does not have the right to vote on legal norms, nor have the right to be in any official state function
- everyone has the right to give up their civil rights voluntarily and become a slave
- only Women can own slaves
- physical punishments can be executed on adult male slaves by Women only

The Womania Empire from the very beginning is consisted and developed mostly by its citizens - in a form of new law proposals, proposals to current law amendments, online voting, social networking and creating its content, executing state functions, mutual economic support, career participation in Empire Progress Activity (EPA) programme, Lady Citizen career in the noble status framework etc.
Womania Empire priority is spreading the idea of Ultra-Matriarchy and Female supremacy not only in virtual space, but mostly realization of the principles and ideology in real world.
The aim of Womania Empire is to purchase own seat and area, most likely a castle or a chateau with large areas. All followers of Female Supremacy will have opportunity to live here in Ultra-Matriarchal society - either short term as events visitors, or visitors for particular time, eventually long term as permanent inhabitants, servants or state slaves of Womania Empire. Purchase (or long term lease) and Womania Empire seat deployment will be economically limited and therefore cannot be guaranteed or specified in time. It can be stated that it is a priority and one of the most important objectives of the Womania Empire !

After some soul searching I decided this week to be counted and support this worthy cause via the purchase of  Womaina Stone currency to become a registered sissy of Womaina Empire. Even if I never set foot on the actual grounds, the pride I feel in supporting such a cause is one that I hold dear.

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  1. se è vero che esiste mi ci iscrivo appena posso...immagino ci siano maestre, insegnanti e padrone severe che possano finalmente rendermi bella sexy e sottomessa una vera e perfetta sissy...adoro essere più femminuccia che mai !! baci baci baci

  2. Looking forward to be at this next new project and hopefully with you Bella Devina