Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How Sissies Suffer From Penis Envy

While so many sissies suffer from their insatiable appetites for the cocks of their desires, those desires are centered around the cocks they wish to suck, worship, or long to have fill their little asspussies. What I'm talking about here is the envy. What we see in others that all us gurls, as time goes on under the spells of Feminization, wished that we had! 

The longer one remains in sissy chastity, the more they experience physiological and psychological changes to their entire being. They may crave to serve their Mistresses' cock, Shecok, or other, but as time goes on, this is what we all hope we can aspire to achieve within our very own panties...

nice tiny sissy clitties, conditioned over extended periods of chastity and physiological training by the Dominant Women in our lives to experience pleasure through our asspussies.

over prolonged restrictions enforced by sissy chastity, our clitties begin to shrink naturally, just like any muscles that atrophy over extended periods of inactivity

The more our sissy clits shrink, the less they begin to even look like a genetic male appendage, and begin to resemble something soft and Feminine

Eventually our newly transformed sissy clits evolve alongside our sissy minds, psyche's, and the rest of our bodies and those ever shrinking sissy clits begin to fit nicely inside our panties, instead of creating those unsightly massive bulges created when one put on their first pair of panties.

It will come to the point in our Feminine evolution where even when uncaged and an urge of excitement sweeps over a sissy, her sissy clit will remain small, effeminate, and nothing remotely resembling a male body part.  That tiny sissy clit now belongs to the Woman who controls and guides Her sissy, and such a display as seen above serves only as a source of amusement for Her and Her Female friends.

 In fact we all should ask and encourage our Mistresses and Dommes to document the devolution from the cocks we once had to the pretty sissy clits we are developing and in turn ask that these be shared with the Female friends of your Mistress for everyone's amazement and amusement.

Eventually with enough dedication, training, and even hormonal manipulation, the smallest of chastity devices will no longer be able to serve any purpose as your sissy clit will have achieved it's new natural existence. Sissies can be milked to keep them docile and the smaller a sissy lcit becomes the easier it is to manage and make pretty for all Women.

Since so many sissies who have embraced sissy chastity already enjoy the fun of finding ways to properly present themselves towards their Mistress, imagine the fun one can have when their chastity device is no longer needed?

One can than accessorize with pretty bows, pearl bands, and other pretty things. Imagine the fun you and your Mistress could have coming up with ways to make your sissy clit look nice and pretty. Let your imagination run wild! Just think of how much Her friends will love the effort you have put into it.

The best thing about sissy penis envy is that unlike when you thought of yourself as a male, and couldn't ever attain the cock size you wished you could, every sissy can shrink to have their own sissy clit that can indeed make Women happy with giggles of delight! Don't wait any longer, embrace your future now!

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