Thursday, May 26, 2016

What You No Longer Worry About as a Sissy

Those nasty creatures that us sissies evolved from spend so much time, thought, energy, and strife thinking about the size and acceptance of their appendage between their legs, that it consumes them and leads to the worst of human behavior. History is littered with examples of this.

As a sissy, one of the best byproducts of giving oneself to Womanhood and Female emulation, is one no longer concerns themselves with the aforementioned consuming wastes of time and energy. As a sissy evolves and adapts to our new sense of normal, one realizes how liberating it is to never have to concern oneself with the size of their sissyclit, due in fact that as one becomes more of a dedicated and faithful sissy to the Women in her life, her sissyclit naturally over time begins to shrink in size and becomes more Feminine. This evolution is aided by the necessities of sissy chastity, anal sissygasm training, and other physical, psychological, behavioral, and chemical influences on the sissy body.

A sissy constantly learns and is trained to recognize that her existence no longer revolves around that ever shrinking sissyclit, but in fact does revolve around her devotion to the Dominant Women in her life. This devotion takes place in many shapes and forms but most often is in the behavioral method of pleasing their Mistress in all possible manners that remove all focus from the sissy clit, except to emasculate it and present it in a completely docile and subservient manner.  Instead, a sissy learns how to use her other physical senses, attributes, and actions to bring joy, amusement, and positive reinforcement from her Mistress.  While a short distance in length from the sissyclit to the asspussy of a sissy, it is a major shift in the psychological makeup of a sissy when she comes to fully understand the power of her newly found sexual organ, thanks to her Domme.

A sissy begins to become so much closer to her Domme or Mistress, once the total surrender of her sissyclit is established. In turn, her Domme gifts a sissy with a new means of discovering the Woman deep within via her asspussy. A sissy experiencing sexual relief through only her asspussy over time becomes just as focused on her new vital sexual organ as she was once with her old, now limp and useless one. All her sissyclit does in it's new role is to leak out her sissy orgasm in a manner that is totally pleasing to the Women who experience such a sight.  I've been told that it's a fascinating experince for a Women who has never had experience with a sissy to see them climax like a fully submissive sissy does, via a cock in their asspussy and sissycum leaking from their sissyclits.

A Woman's pleasure, excitement, humiliating laughter, endearment, all serve as vital positive reinforcement tools for a sissy. It's a Woman's pleasure we all seek, and gaining their acceptance is no easy task. Embrace the moments when your Mistress shows off her sissy's emasculated sissyclit to Her friends for their amusement and amazement. Over time they will embrace you as a sissy inside their Feminine circle, provided you are a well behaved and properly trained sissy.  You will learn to crave their humiliation and in turn their acceptance. You will also begin to look for ways to better present your sissyclit to the approval of the Women in your sissy life. I can attest this is a reality of mine, once I embraced sissy chastity. Now Feminine presentation of my sissy clit is paramount as matching bras and panties, on making sure one's stockings are lined properly. Take pride in the fact your sissyclit over time is getting smaller and smaller and prettier to your Mistress and Her friends.

In the throws of sissy passion as your Mistress gifts you with Her cock or has you serve Shecock, you will quietly smile with pride at hearing the sound of your locked sissyclit bang way with each stroke as your asspussy serves it's true purpose to you now. With each inch and each stroke, you begin to associate a sissygasm originating from a Womanly place deeper inside you, coaxed out of you slowly by the cock your Mistress has allowed you to serve. No longer is your sissyclit responsible for any of this as it simply leaks and dribbles as all your Feminine desires and wanton lusts are fulfilled.

It becomes easy for you to express your newfound Womanhood through your own prettying up of your sissyclit. Each new Feminine way you present yourself to your Mistress and or show off your sissy pride to other Women further strengthens your bonds to all Women and your internal happiness soars as their acceptance of who you truly are grows.

In time, your sole thoughts on cock size will only center around the size of your Domme's strapon or the size of Shecock you will service for Her. It is this point in my sissy journey that i find myself in sharing this with you. I'm proud to be locked in the super snug CB6000s and even more proud when I often see that it often seems big inside my panties.  I adore gasping at the size of a Shecock that's about to pass my lips and stuff my asspussy as my sissyclit stays soft and limp, as a true sign of submissiveness, and I love at how encouraged the Dominant Women in my life are at how deep my journey continues to take me. It is a place only a Woman can take you if you fully surrender.

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