Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sissy Love and Sunday Mornings

Wonderful thing about sunny Sunday mornings is when your mind can slowly expand over a soothing cup or two of coffee and you soak in the world around you. Still not out of my baby blue silk jammies, I couldn't help but allow myself some yearning for what would make a beautiful morning like this even more special...

A Woman's touch

From the very beginning as a child, the association of Women's clothing and positive reinforcement has shaped and formed me, far before I even realized the effect it's power had on me. Now as a fully grown gurl, it's that same power, now realized and accepted, that continues to guide me. My gurliness is fueled by the embrace and acceptance of the Dominant Women in my life and my tribute to Their allowance of me to be who I am as a part of Their world. They are my reason for existence and the reason I keep pushing forward to push past limits and find new levels of Womanhood in my life. Without them I am nothing.

Dominant Women in my life have allowed me to explore the kink filled side of my sissy psyche to levels I could never have thought possible. If not for Them, I would never have learned so suck Shecock, love Shecock and She-cum. If not for Them I never would have become a fully bottom sissy, yearning only to experience sex as a gurl. Without Them, I never would have learned the value of sissy chastity and the acceptance of what it means. Without them, my desires to express my slutty sissy side in front of TGirls and eventually more and more Women would have never developed. They are the reason I am who I am today, and I love Them for it.

When it all comes down to it, the root emotion simply is Love.  Love of Women is why I yearn to become more like Them. Love of Women is why I openly submit to Them. Love of Women is why I willingly choose to discard my born gender restraints and embrace the power of the Feminine Spirit.

Love is what drives us all. As a self admitted lesbian sissy, it's on a beautiful Sunday morning where my thoughts go far deeper than the cocksucking cumslut I've proudly become, and yearn towards the notion of being loved and caressed in Womanly ways by the power of a Dominant Woman.

I often dream of the experience of a true lovemaking experience at the hands of a radiant Woman. The scents of perfume in the air, the softness of silk, satins and lace as they caress each others skin. The sensation of Her hair falling down on my soft smooth sissy skin, and the electricity of Her touch as it explores every sissy nerve ending in places that only a Woman knows.  The exchange of spirituality in the hushed whispers of Womanly love, and the invitations sent and received by velvet lips and kisses. Feeling Her breaths shorten as She arouses Herself on Her strapon as She enters you and to bring each other to blissful orgasm as She takes you as Hers.  Basking in the afterglow of the energy of Her orgasm and feeling that Womanly radiance flow through your own sissy soul as you tremble at the power of  Her Feminine aura. To be made the desire and to surrender to a Woman of strength, passion, power, and Feminine radiance, are the things that inspire me at the very depths of my sissy soul.

It's one thing to be purely submissive to a Woman. To be made to suck Shecock for Her, to be exposed, humiliated, and punished by them. To be pounded like a wanton slut by Her strapon and to constantly want more as Her whore.  But it is an entirely different desire to want to experience the delicate powers of Womanly lovemaking.

Those gifts of Femdomination are the ones I yearn for, the food for my sissy soul, that formulates my entire approach to my reverence and love towards the Dominant Women in my life. The gifts They have brought me are priceless, and the closer I get to Their Womanly energy, the more I crave to be completely surrounded and captivated by their silky bonds. Their love is my drug and I'm hopelessly addicted with no desire to be cured.

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  1. io son piccola trav passiva ad averne di maestre del sesso col pisello !!! son le più belle creature dell'universo!!! grazie amore !!! baci baci baci