Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring is Cumming

From the time I sucked my first Shecock, I was addicted. I may not have realized at the time,  but I can still remember every detail and sensation of Diamond's cock on my lips for the first time. The smell, the texture, the softness, the taste, and every glorious moment. While my addiction may not have yet been realized, the power of Shecock has had a powerful effect on me ever since.

In the years that followed, I'm proud to say, I've sucked my good share of Shecock. I may not have set any records (yet), but I think for a sissy gurl in my position, I've embraced and sucked more than most, while as Lady Diva proudly points out, maintaining my high slutty standards. (She and I know what they are, hee hee!)

Funny enough it took me quite a while to take my first sissy facial, and it wasn't until I embraced sissy chastity that those facials began to be a regular occurrence. Now, just like my first Shecock blowjob, Shecock facials are also highly addicting.

During most winters, Devina somewhat goes into hibernation. I wish that wasn't the case but that seems to be how my natural Feminine bio-rhythms work. But as the days get longer , like nature itself, my Womanly urges start growing and taking over my sissy brain and the desire to worship some Shecock grows more intense as the days go by.

Being face painted by She-cum via Sunshine, Lucy, Susan, etc makes a sissy's desires all the more intense. Feeling their hot cum explode on my face, lips, hair, and mouth, intensifies my sissy identity, and takes me to a place where my Womanly and wanton sissy desires merge. Every Shecock I suck is a tribute to all those Women who have embraced me, and every Shecock facial is my reward for honoring them and being true to myself.

Allowing other Women to witness my tribute to them is the next goal in my sissy life.  I want to experience the Womanly energy in the room with a Shecock in my mouth. I crave to see the smile and wonder on their faces when they see a sissy with a Shecock in my mouth. I long to hear the howls of laughter and ridicule by groups of Women as they watch me gorge myself on a beautiful Shecock, and to be fucked silly by it.

Spring is coming....I can feel it

Safe In Her Hands....

The place where every gurl feels right at home...

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The More Addicted to Cock a Sissy Becomes...

The more a sissy becomes addicted to cock; the more she sucks cock and is fucked by it, the less important her sissy clit becomes. Over time with the ongoing aid of sissy chastity, a sissy's clit will naturally shrink from lack of use. Rejoice if this is also happening to you! This mean's your Mistress will be pleased that you are evolving to make yourself more presentable to Her as a real sissy. Sissy pride comes with being able to fit into smaller and smaller chastity devices for longer periods. I love how my sissyclit barely fills my cb6000s now!