Friday, December 30, 2016

Last Weekend of 2016

Your last chance to be who you are inside for this year. Ready to make it count?

Maybe it's just a quiet night in with your favorite pair of Women's panties..

Or maybe you're getting your asspussy ready for a bigger night out...

Or maybe your Mistress has plans for you all Her own?

But remember, it's New Year's Eve, one of the special days as a Girl...

And leave 2016 behind with no regrets!

And if you haven't become the sissy slut you always dreamed of being, then you have 2017 to make it all happen!

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Devina's TGirl of the Day Dec 30

Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Best Sissy XXXmas Gift Ever

The day I made the decision to truly begin embracing the inner gurl within, was a life changing moment. Since accepting and embracing "Devina" as a true part of who I am as a spiritual being, I have felt so many blessings of the Universe. Many in ways I never could have imagined, and far beyond my wildest dreams. Just over a week ago, I received such a blessing, that has made me take several days to truly comprehend, to be able to put into words to share with you all.

All my achievements as a sissy are due to the training and shaping of what was once an immature and unaware male underling. I've been proud to have kept all the valuable lessons Mistress Morganna instilled in me when I began my first steps as a submissive. As Lady Diva then began to shape and refine the inner sissy lesbian within, all of Her teachings, and generosity stayed with me every step along the way. I have been truly blessed to have made friendships and relationships with some amazing and iconic Dominant Women, and with some of the most beautiful Trans Women in the world. My experiences with them all, be it in person or not, have further shaped and defined who Devina really is. For all of that I am truly humble and grateful.

Just a couple weeks ago, my vanilla life took me across the continent to the sunny beaches of Florida, for a bit of a working holiday. Most of my week was already pre planned with seminars and events but I knew that I would have some time to relax later in the week. Since I would be sharing a room with a collegue, it forced me to leave all my favorite sleepwear and panties at home. However upon getting a feel for where we would be staying in relation to south Florida, I realized that I might have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reach out to a Domme who I have long admired... Goddess Brianna

 There are thousands of truly amazing Dominant Women all across the globe, but in my humble view, there are those who are simply a cut above. One can simply feel their radiant Womanly power exude from within. For these Women, being a Domme is not something they "do", for it is something they were truly born to be. Goddess Brianna has always struck me as always being a part of that elite collection of Dommes. She is an iconic foot Goddess, alongside being one of the most intense and masterful strapon Goddesses on earth.

It was on the day that I was traveling to Florida when I decided to respectfully reach out to Her via twitter, where She graciously followed my twitter account. My attempt to reach out was a complete shot in the dark, with such short notice, and not being in a position whatsoever to serve Her as Devina, even if I was lucky enough to be allowed to visit and worship Her at all.

Goddess Brianna graciously replied to my twitter DM with instructions to send Her a list of my experiences, interests and essentially as much relevant information as I could.  I was somewhat stunned that what was a shot in the dark, just might be able to occur as reality! It was then that my years of servitude and submissive training kicked in and I realized I needed to write a concise and respectful letter to Her in order to be allowed in Her presence:

Good morning Goddess Brianna 

This is Devina Cox, although for purposes of my visit to South Florida, ********* will have to do, as sadly I'm unable to travel and present myself in a proper sissy manner in which I'm accustomed to in my alt lifestyle activities.

I've been involved in the bdsm lifestyle for the better part of 20 years first serving as a regular male sub to Mistress Morganna for approx 6 years, and the last decade plus to Lady Diva Cane, who is responsible for bringing out my alter ego of Devina Cox and allowing her to blossom. In that time I have been exposed to a variety of session activities and have developed a solid sense of the type of sub I am when serving as Devina,  or as my born gender male self ( they do differ somewhat on their styles)

For purposes of my trip to Florida and of a potential session with Yourself, I will try and be brief as to what my interests are and are not in hopes O/ours may align to have a mutually enjoyable experience. 


Foot worship and massage
Body worship and massage
Light / moderate cbt
Barefoot trampling
Plastic wrap/ mummification 
Fetish wear

Limits/ dislikes 

Nipple play
Marks (for the purposes of this trip)
Needle play or branding
Adult diaper / infantism

I believe in approaching Dommes in an open honest manner and rather than trying to fabricate some elaborate theme or role play that feels forced or unnatural, I like to find connections in personality and fun as two strangers playing together for the first time are bound to have awkward moments.  I am definitely a sub who strives to please a Domme and to try as best I can to ensure She would always welcome repeat sessions.  I have been fortunate to have made connections / sessioned/ made friendships with with other well known Dommes and I hold those friendships as dear as any as they share in some of my deepest secrets of my alter sissy ego. It would be my hope that after our time together that W/we could foster a similar friendship. My underlying motivation as a long time sub is to enrich my life with as many genuine relationships with special dominant Women such as yourself.  Who I have always admired. 

My availability is Thurs or Friday afternoon. I would be interested in a 2 hr session in order to have a better chance to enjoy our time.  I would also be interested in learning the details of a session with You and Miss Kendra James as this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. 

Thank You so much for the opportunity to converse and am looking forward to experiencing Your natural radiance. 
Sincerely Sissy
Devina Cox

Public Service Announcement: It has been my experience that when conversing with Dommes who have extended Their friendship to me, at the very top of a list of unpleasant, annoying, aggrivating, time wasting activities is for Dommes to deal with poorly written, poorly communicated, and plain rude and disrespectful emails. Trust me, Dommes almost universally despise reading emails by people who have no clue as to how to properly and respectfully communicate with them. As you will learn later in this post, my email was identified as an example of exactly how a Domme WANTS to be communicated with. Please feel free to use my example in order to better learn how communicate with a Dominant Woman in your future, and not to be seen as a useless time waster.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post...

So after arriving to Florida and checking into my hotel to begin my conference activities, I still had no idea if I would be able to serve Goddess Brianna, and if you carefully noticed, I swung for the fences and asked if it was possible to serve Mistress Kendra James as well. If this could happen, it was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and being the Shecock loving buttslut sissy that I was trained to be, I learned that Devina has always been rewarded most when she goes all out!

The universe rewarded me via a text message in the middle of a meeting...

Hello Devina it's Goddess Brianna. I'd like to be able to speak to you today. I'll be free in the evening between 7-8pm.

Good Lord, talk about being distracted for the remainder of my meetings! I was given further instructions on how to arrange a deposit on my session. All that awaited was for the time to call Goddess Brianna and to make sure my nerves were as calm as could be. What made this difficult was that around the time of our arranged conversation, I was supposed to be headed into a dinner event with dozens of colleagues. I needed to quickly find a place to have a very discrete conversation in a very public place with a very captivating Domme... 

I'm not sure how nervous I may have sounded when Goddess Brianna picked up my call, but we managed to have a very pleasant conversation in more detail about my experiences and about my lifestyle. Then Goddess dropped the ultimate news upon me....Mistress Kendra would be joining Her and I was being granted the opportunity to worship them both!


My heart skipped a beat, as I tried to make sense of the monumental opportunity that was before me in mere days. This was a dream of a lifetime suddenly being made real, and I could even begin to comprehend the magnitude before me as I concluded the call and rejoined my dinner mates. I wonder if they sensed my complete distraction as I was torn between two completely different worlds, and would be for the next 3 days until my session with two of the most amazing Goddesses I have admired for so long..

As the days went by and one by one my commitments wrapped up, it felt a bit weird knowing I would be submitting and would so without really being "Devina". It had been years since I wasn't transformed and submissive, although I assumed Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra would have something planned. Still to not present fully shaven and in my own gurly clothes, wig and makeup, was the only slight tinge of sadness about an upcoming mega event in Devina's life. While she couldn't be there in full regalia, she would certainly be there as a well behaved, fully engaged, obedient sissy, even in spirit. Yet the magnitude of what was to come still hadn't set hold. Then the second email came

Hello Devina

We are confirmed for this coming Thursday the 15th from 3 to 5 pm.  I would like for you to come neatly trimmed and or shaven, particularly around the torso and groin areas.  Once you have kissed our feet to gain entry we will have a few moments to chat.  From there you will be asked to disrobe and present yourself for inspection.  It would please me for you to abstain from any kind of release from now until we meet.  If you wish to further please me you may bring with you a bottle of dry red wine for myself and a bottle of white wine for Mistress Kendra.

The dungeon we will be playing at is located at ********************************.  Please park in the back of the building and call me 2 minutes prior to our session.  I will give you further instruction from there.

While I realize you will not be doing a full transformation I still wish for you to be somewhat feminine.  Some grooming is important and we will probably be bringing along some lingerie for you to wear.

I am very much looking forward to having you serve the two of us!

Goddess Brianna

Now I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. I had not packed any sort of electric trimmer to adhere to Goddesses instructions. And I couldn't just start shaving my torso without arousing suspicion from my conference room mate. Now the thrill of trying to juggle two completely different parts of my life began to get the adrenaline pumping. A quick trip to a local supermarket allowed me to buy an electric adjustable trimmer. Ok, I could make this happen! Shaving the proper areas for play was easy enough, and now I could be trim without being outed. The session was mere hours away...

Arriving at Goddess Brianna's dungeon, I followed instructions and was given orders as to where to enter and wait. It was at that point the nerves kicked in and Devina began screaming in my head, "OMG this is really happening!!" Then suddenly I was welcomed in by Goddess Brianna and I found myself before two of the most stunning Women of my gurly dreams. "If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up" , I stammered, and on cue followed instructions and kissed both of their shoes, thanking them both.

As foretold, once I kiss both of their feet, we had a few moments to introduce each other and to chat for a few minutes. Both Goddesses were decked out in latex leggings and corsets, and both were absolutely stunning visually in person. When you see well known Dommes either in photos or video, with professional makeup and done proper for the camera, you always know that that is not an everyday look. But both Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra were absolute visions of beauty; simply stunning.

I was asked to reveal more of myself for the benefit of Mistress Kendra, as to my experiences, my life as Devina, and so forth. It was then I was asked to go to the far end of the dungeon to disrobe and to return before them both for inspection. I quickly did this and assumed the inspection position before them both, remembering how to properly perform this from Mistress Morganna's lessons long ago. This immediately brought words of praise from both Goddesses as they were pleased to see a new slave before them with proper mannerisms. Goddess Brianna was particularly interested as to how I managed to trim properly before them both and was pleased to see the results, and the clean shaven naughty bits that they were about to own soon enough.

What proceeded over the next 2 hours was nirvana for this sissy. I was put in pantyhose (impressing them with my proper technique) ruffled pink booty panties, lipstick and then told to worship both Goddesses feet which I gladly did in earnest. Knowing I was kissing the feet, toes and soles of such iconic Women was mind blowing, and it almost didn't feel real. Both Goddesses being friends, know each other well and are very experienced in knowing how to thrash a sissy like me. After worshiping and massaging their feet to satisfaction, I was mummified in saran and placed on a table where I was very prone to their twisted desires. A hole was ripped in my panties and pantyhose exposing my sissyclit to a spirited CBT session. It had been quite a long time since I was subject to that type of punishment and needless to say after being cropped, slapped and finger flicked on my sissy ballettes, my adrenaline was peaking as I anticipated the next sadistic blow. Hearing Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra laugh at my misery told me that my suffering was for their benefit and was worth it. I would not disappoint them, and in turn I would not dishonor Lady Diva's work of shaping me into a properly behaved obedient sissy. My suffering was a small price to pay to maintain Her standards.

 While helpless and fully prone, Mistress Kendra and Goddess Brianna took turns rewarding me by smothering me under their latex clad derrieres. What an honor to be allowed to struggle for breath under such glorious bottoms. I prepared myself to go as long as I could without breathing, and to take in and enjoy every second of their queening. Pure bliss that I wished would never end!
Mistress Kendra then asked me how big of cock I have sucked and taken, and without hesitation and with Lola's fucking of my asspussy still fresh in my mind, I proudly replied, "9 inches Mistress". Then I realized the gravity of my reply as I realized that  a 9" Shecock (or even Gigi's huge girth 8" Shecock) can be a bit more forgiving than a 9" strapon dong. This further was reinforced by both Mistresses' evil laughs about which ones they would use on me.  This is where I dreaded not having the proper time and or methods to prepare myself as I normally would by warming up my asspussy with a plug and being fully clean (although I kept my meals that day to very light ) I knew that both Goddesses were very adept at stretching out asspussies and I had better employ all the mental relaxation tricks I could and fast.

Mistress Kendra first wanted to gauge my oral skills with her cock presented to my lips, without hesitation I accepted the challenge. Mistress Kendra's cock seemed to be the warm up act to what undoubtedly was Goddess Brianna's main event. Still, Mistress Kendra's cock was a good 7-8 inches and I eagerly wanted to show Her my skills so I went at it like I would a real Shecock and even began deepthroating it to Her delight. I kept hearing Her voice tell me, yes ME, what a great cocksucker I was. I was so proud of myself and proud of how I embraced being a Shecock lover to be able to impress Mistress Kendra. My heart was singing inside. Then it sank a little...

Goddess Brianna's cock was offered to my lips and while I knew I could likely handle the length, the head of Her cock was going to stretch my asspussy wide. My thoughts went to how Gigi's Shecock would gag me to tears and there was no deepthroating of Goddess Brianna's black monster. But in that moment, there was no place I would rather be. I was a complete whore for both of these amazing Women and I was loving every minute of it, even knowing what was to come. (and not knowing what was to come)

Mistress Kendra entered me from behind as I was put over a fucking bench. Devina ever present in my thoughts began to scream inside my head, "YOU ARE BEING FUCKED BY KENDRA JAMES RIGHT NOW!!" and my body knew what it must do. I pushed back on Her cock rocking both hips as hard and often as I could. there was no way this sissy was going to be a dead fish lay for Mistress Kendra, and the harder I pushed back that happier She became. "Look at this slut push back on my cock!" , She gleefully proclaimed, as Goddess Brianna watched me fuck myself silly on Mistress Kendra's cock. I'm sure in that moment, both Dommes knew that my talk of being with Trans Women regularly was no fabricated boast, as I was working that strapon dick as best I could!

How I wished I was fully in Devina mode before them both. How I wish I could be filmed being drilled by Mistress Kendra while ruining my lipstick on Goddesses' cock. So often I envied seeing others being torn apart by these two, and now that it was truly me, all I wanted , as a greedy slut would, was to want more. Gawd it felt so good to be grabbed by the hips, feeling Mistress kendra's latex warmth slam into me and hearing the sultry softness of Her voice marvel at how greedy of a slut I was. I smiled broadly in that moment as time and space disappeared.

Then as Mistress Kendra pulled Her cock out of my now well worked in asspussy, I heard Goddess Brianna's all too familiar devilish chuckle as She prepared to make me Her sissy bitch. Her entering me was less of a fucking and more of an impaling. As I struggled to accommodate the huge head of Her cock, She had me moaning and whimpering with each slow invasive thrust, until She opened my asspussy wide and fully entered me. She giggled with delight as I struggled with accepting Her fully inside me, but even as my body struggled, my mind was a cacophony of fireworks exploding as She began thrusting deep into me again and again. I didn't want to let Her down and I did my best to push back on her big cock like I did with Mistress Kendra, but this was an unforgiving, unyielding beast. All I could relate to was Gigi's enormous Shecock girth stretching me wide open in comparison. I survived that and I was determined to please Goddess Brianna. She had rewarded me so much as an almost total stranger and I wanted to prove I was the type of slut I believed Lady Diva had turned me into.

 Goddess Brianna had me a lathered whimpering mess as She gave me exactly what I needed, what I craved, and what defined me. As a sissy, I had strived to be a well behaved, well mannered respectful gurl to all the Dominant Women in my life. But at the end of the day, I was still a sissy, I was still fuckmeat to Supreme Goddesses such as Briana and Kendra, and I needed to be fully aware of my place before them. I had earned no favor with them. Every gift they bestowed upon me was purely of their own grace.

When Goddess pulled Her cock out of me, I almost went fully limp on their strapon bench. My asspussy was used and a bit raw, although I was not complaining. I was ordered to return to the floor where I was honoured to once again worship the feet of both Goddesses as they took turns trampling me. They were going to make sure they were ingrained upon all parts of me, both inside and out. As I kissed and worshipped Mistress Kendra's delectable toes, I could feel Goddess rubbing my sissy clit in between Her toes. I had been ordered not to have any release before my visit and combined with the travel, it was a week with no release and Goddesses' feet were extremely skilled at bringing my sissyclit to life.

I was asked if I could cum on demand and to my knowledge, it had been years and years since Mistress Morganna had attempted to train me to obey such commands.  As both Goddesses put their toes in my mouth I was ordered to slowly rub my sissyclit from a 10 count. It was the slowest 10 count likely ever encountered and as Goddess counted to six, my body began to spam into an intense release that unloaded an enormous about of sissy juice that definitely surprised both Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra, as they were not expecting such a release! But my servitude to them was not over.

As a final act of submissiveness and humiliation, they instructed for me to lick my sissy juice off my hands and off my chest, which was a first for me. I've always enjoyed Shecock facials immensely but this for me was a first, but I obeyed, albeit slowly at first. Left a spent sissy mess on the floor before them, I took a few moments to catch my breath and was then instructed to clean the feet of both Goddesses with sani wipes, then I was allowed to clean myself up. If this was my first and only experience serving these two Supreme Women, then I was in a state of bliss. I couldn't fathom at that point what possibly could be if one was so lucky to be in their presence regularly. Those two could corrupt someone completely, and they would love every minute of it!

After dressing we had a few moments to chat and say our goodbyes. It took 10 days for me to grasp the magnitude of my experience to put into words, and I'm sure I missed so many details that will be with me for as long as my mind can function.

When I returned home, my encounter was not finished as Goddess Brianna ask me to call Her the other eve. We had a wonderful chat about our shared experience and how all the stars seemed to align in how I was able to manage a session with the both of them. Goddess Brianna indicated that what I was allowed to experience was a definite rarity as normally She would see a new slave by Herself first and only then would She entertain the notion of a duo Goddess session.  Pay attention fellow submissives because this part is important:

The reason why She allowed me the incredible opportunity She did, was in large part in how I approached Her respectfully and how well I communicated to Her via email, text and by phone.  I did my best to be polite, concise, unassuming, and humble.  If not for my early training as a submissive, combined with my inner feminine spirit, I likely may not have gotten to enjoy such a mindblowing experience. Even more, Goddess Brianna extended an invitation to serve before Her again, should I ever be in south Florida again. We had a lovely chat and I expressed to Her how grateful I was in not only serving, but in Her extending a hand of friendship to me. It was unlike anything I experienced simply due to how personal it was to Her that I enjoyed my time. I was taken aback , by this but pleasantly so. I hope is both She and Mistress Kendra read this, they both will smile as I am right now. It was the best xxxmas gift this gurl has ever received! oxoxox