Thursday, December 3, 2015

You Know it's Changing Your Life When...

I love my gurly time and try to increase my daily quotient all the time. Sadly there still are occasions when I have to give it up cold turkey, and last week was one of those times.

My job has me working with a lot of Females, and I'm lucky that way. I often play little mind games with myself trying to figure out who has the sexier panties on that day, them or I! However I had to travel away for a conference and the nature of the travel arrangements meant I wouldn't be able to be Devina at all for many days. It was horrible! No nighties, no panties, no silk jammies, no perfume, heels, nothing!

While at my conference, my Female boss remarked one day that I looked a little sullen and asked if everything was ok? I didn't immediately feel any different at that moment, engrossed in what I was doing, so I replied that I was ok.

Later the next evening as our conference group met up with many of the other attendees at various social gatherings, I found myself in the company of a number of pleasant, attractive Women, and with wine and cocktails flowing, the boredoms of the conference topics gave way to some fun and inevitable flirting, but I never really engaged in it, but it didn't strike me as odd really..

After several mostly enjoyable days it was time to come home, and while catching up on many emails and other online stuff including updating this blog, it struck me....

All week long, being forced back into a temporary  male life, attraction and urges towards Women were very much repressed and almost non existent. I mean I appreciated the beauty of the Women I was interacting with, and admired many of them, but even with being on the receiving end of some flirtatious activity, there was no sense of going back to my 'old' self and being a creature subject to nasty hormonal urges and typical male behaviors.  It was the first time I ever really noticed it only long after the fact.

I noticed it because shortly after scanning through some TGirl images to update my blog, I was struck with an immediate and powerful attraction to glorious Shecock!

I was flushed, excited and my sissyclit was stirring rapidly! Was this, after all the sissy hypno, sissy training, servitude, devotion, and actual worshipping of Shecock many times over; my eureka moment??  Was this the moment that I truly realized what I have finally become, and accepted what my natural desires now have led me too?

With the opportunity right in front of me, I no longer saw myself drawn sexually to Women in a hetero way. Don't get me wrong, if I was in  room full of Dominant Women, sissified or not, I would know and accept my role and it would be intoxicating, but in the everyday vanilla world, it was so non-existent. yet the moment I gazed upon Shecock, I returned to the Shecock loving sissy slut I've been conditioning myself over the years, and to feel the flip of the switch inside was powerful! Amazing!

The moment of pure clarity was as exhilarating as standing on a mountain top. The honesty with my own true self was a re-energizing moment. My nature, had now been altered, the silk trap had truly won me fully completely. All I wanted at that moment was to be fully transformed and to be in the Feminine bonds of Shecock love. To kiss it, lick it, smell it, taste it, worship it, and suck on it. I wanted to feel the sting of a Shecock slapping my face, and to bask in the glow of a super sticky facial, wrecking my makeup and leaving me breathless.

 I've been there before and it's so wonderful, so fulfilling as a sissy, and all I could dream about in that moment was to be a Shecock slut as my Mistress has taught and encouraged me to be. I accept it, embrace it, and love it, that the gurl in me keeps growing :)

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  1. Shecock is powerful . . . beautiful . . . intoxicating. It's only natural to be drawn to it.