Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why is The World Such an Awful Place...


  1. If your post is an honest inquiry to seek the opinions of your readers, Ms. Cox, then I might suggest that your question might be better stated as, "Why is the world such an horrific place...", since "awe" is not what such heinous acts fill me with.

    While "faith" and a drive to aspire toward a greater life are, I believe, integral aspects of the human-being; The Lust for Power, Greed and Religion have been the cause of the world's greatest oppression and suffering throughout the human record! (I refrain from calling it "history" for obvious reasons, Ms. Cox.)

    Everyone wants to be right, and they want what they believe to be "right" to be what is "right" for everyone else, without regard for others' Rights or beliefs! Others want more than they have and will do whatever they must to gain the more they want; Even if they destroy lives, communities, businesses and even nations in the process.

    While I can understand and appreciate your belief in the "Superior Feminine", I cannot help but believe that the greatest travesty in the human record was the division of the genders from our initial completeness as neither/both male nor/and female!

    I could go on, Ms. Cox, but I'll hold my tongue and refrain from entering into a tirade expounding my opinion further, except to say that, it is truly tragic that some have so learned to love only those who believe as they do that they feel justified in trying to eradicate others who also deserve to live in love despite their differences!

    Just my opinion, Devina, since it sounded like you were asking.

  2. Don't despair Devina, there will always be people who hate. Have pity on them for they will never know love or happiness. They consign themselves to an eternal Hell of their own creation.