Monday, November 23, 2015

Make Mine All Shecock and Where Do I Sign?


  1. Yes I love big shemale cocks ill be theres to suck till they fill me full of delicious cum I do swallow thank you

  2. OMG!!! Devina, you are so right! 100% correct! There is nothing better than having a shecock (or 2) to suck on.

    Isn't it the greatest feeling in the world when one shoots cum all over your face and in your mouth? Isn't it so humiliating and sexy when a lady is standing over you, and she's coated your face, and now she's squeezing out the last few drops and making sure they fall on you? Isn't it fun when they rub their cocks on your face, to wipe off the drops that didn't fall? Isn't it exciting to know, YOUR mouth made her hard, and mad her cum?

    Devina, what are your thoughts on being a good little cocksucker?