Monday, November 2, 2015

Devina's TGirl of the Day Nov 2


  1. ashamed she had circle implants, and not tear-drop ..

  2. Stephanie, I totally agree with you! I've seen the teardrop shaped implants and they look so natural and real. I prefer ladies who go with a C cup or smaller, I really think the big, round implants look so fake, and it's hard to get past them in my head. One of the reasons I like Asian shemales, is because of their tiny, tear drop, titties!

    Devina, I did enjoy this photo because of the lingerie and stockings! To me there is nothing sexier, than a lady in sheer, silky, stockings; and lace or sheer panties; with a cute, little, soft, cock peeking through. Don't they look tasty under lace or sheer panties?