Sunday, October 11, 2015

Much To Be Thankful For

Sissies always find themselves torn between multiple worlds. Their born gender and their chosen or desired one. Their outward assumed sexuality and their deeply desired one. Their accepted/expected role in society and the yearning and longings to have the freedom to express themselves via their Feminization and to hope to find anything but ridicule.

There are times when we find ourselves immersed in the pure joy that sweeps over us when enveloped in our Femininity, the heart swelling of pride when a Domme is pleased by us, and the rewards of our sissy wanton lusts satisfied when we give in fully to our sissy dreams. And  yet there is the sadness, depression, and loneliness that comes when those things for reasons that vary, are removed from us, be it for a short while, or longer.

When a sissy's Femininity is taken from her, for no matter how long, it is only then that she understands just how important her sissy side, her Feminine side, the Female spirit within, is to her entire being. There are times for all of us. no matter how active we are in our Femininity, where life, circumstance, employment, etc intrudes into our sanctuary that is our Feminine world and disrupts everything.

I've always strived to keep in daily contact with my Feminine side, and in a lot of ways, my blog is a valuable tool. Some days it's the only connection to my inner self that I have in maintaining the correct mindset that Lady Diva and so many others have instilled in me as to how to embrace who I really am. Recently, life intruded and took me away from all my Feminine things; my clothes, makeup, toys, shoes, etc.. for an extended length of time, and the worst part of it was not just being away from home, but being away from ME.  It very much put into perspective how much all those things weren't just "things", they were now pieces of who I was, and how I saw myself. I missed not being able to sleep in my silk jammies, or satin negligees. I longed to the feel of stockings on my legs and the familiar comfort of wearing panties everyday. Even the pain of wearing my 4 & 5" heels at home, were now things I missed...

 With my new work assignment I was on for weeks away from the office, I missed wearing stockings, garters, and panties under my "business" clothes. I longed to play the fun mental game of trying to figure out who had the sexier panties on that day; me or one of my Female bosses. So as I write this entry today, back home, it is in all the familiar comforts of my Feminine attire and on this Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I truly have so much to be thankful for.

Unlike today, with so much reach to the virtual world in every corner of the globe, when I first discovered my feelings of real Femininity, it was pre-internet and a very scary lonely place, full of shame and self doubt.  I'm thankful to the Dominant Women who first guided me, Mistress Morganna, Mistress Patricia, Lady Bernadett , Suzana Stern, and later the wonderful Lady Diva Cane. You all nurtured the seed, allowed it to germinate and grow, and then protected it and cared for it until strong enough to take root. You showed me the path to take my first baby deer steps onto wearing heels I wobbled in many times, but loved.

In my sissy life today exists a plethora of Dominant Women of whom words simply cannot convey my gratitude at how they have made time for me, humoured me, and put up with me in the smallest of ways. They are spread over the globe, and many I may never meet in person (although I truly and sincerely wish one day to serve before you, even just once), but Your positive reinforcement, acceptance and encouragement, each day gives me motivation, and inspiration to follow my sissy training and conditioning to the Womanly goals in life I aspire to.  I know to many of You, I'm just another internet sissy, but each of You truly make a difference in my life each and every day. Your Feminine radiance of Your strong Womanly divine spirit are the beacons in my life set to guide me along my path of sissy destiny....

In no particular order I wish to convey to you from the bottom of my heart:

Mistress Nikki Whiplash -  A vision in Female perfection. You continually make my heart stop with Your piercing gaze. My love for You is sincere and pure.

Miss Jasmine - An amazing inspiration to follow one's heart and embrace the adventure of the journey, no matter where it leads.

Lady Jane - A sissy could not have a better Woman to feel accepted, embraced, and loved in the ways that only You can. You are truly the rarest of gems. It is forever a goal in my life to experience Your energy in person to express to You through submission how special You are in this world.

Lady Riva - You honoured my sissy existence, in what was truly a surprise to me. Thank You so much for giving me reason to one day see Germany.

Madame Terri-Jean Bedford - Canada's crusading Dominatrix, You inspire all to be strong in the face of ridicule, and to never give in. being acknowledged by You was truly a humbling experience, thank You.

Goddess Brianna - Simply an intoxicating cocktail of Femdom radiance, heart stopping beauty, and the most devious imagination. Your Feminine power radiates pure.

Mistress Storm DeWitt - You embraced me, and encouraged me, and I am ever grateful. You continue to overcome so much that I cannot help but be inspired.

Mistress Lady Foc - Such a warm loving energy that I hope to one day experience in person.  Hopefully together with....

Mistress Cruel Dama - You chose to bestow Your grace upon me and took me in like a flower battered in a rain storm and allow me room to renew and grow. My sissy heart is warmed each time it hears from You and I hope I may reward You one day by being the best sissy I can be in person.

Mistress Tracy Dallas - Your awe inspiring Female spirit is only matched by Your amazing personality. Your acceptance of gurls like me, continues to give hope that we all can live the life we choose , free of society's dispersions, and full of inclusion. My sissy heart skipped a beat from the first time I saw Your picture, and it overjoys me so each time You grace my life.

Miss Simone Justice - A legendary Domme, who's power over nature, allows Her to be such an amazing Woman, full of patience, and full of kindness.

Princess Embry Addams - The Femdom Princess of the frozen north. A dazzling combination of  fire and ice. Thank You for allowing me into Your world.

Goddess Severa - Femdomination personified. You tower over a sissy such as me in every way, that it was truly special to receive the gifts of Your time. A sissy could spend a lifetime and never posses an ounce of Your female power.

Goddess Heather - A standard to which Feminine Power and Feminine Strength is measured. Your radiance transcends time, space, and technology. There is no measurable way that a sissy could feel anything but  fully and completely inferior to You. A true Force of Nature that makes me tremble in the wake of Your pure awesomeness. Your gifts are ones I treasure with pure reverence.

Mistress Cathie LaDivine - From the first time I saw Your picture, I was captivated and forever in awe of You. I was so honoured to have been welcomed into Your world, and am forever grateful for Your gifts of which I will forever cherish, the foremost being Your friendship. Recently I was feeling quite down and felt my sissy energy was at a very low point. I would like to think that Your Feminine intuition let You know that a sissy sister needed an energy only You can provide, so Your email out of the blue truly brought a tear to my eye, and emotions to overflowing. From the bottom of my heart and soul, Thank You.

Lady Diva - My Mistress, my confidant, and the keeper of my most inner secrets and desires. What You have brought to my life in allowing this sissy to grow from the recessed fantasy of a lowly male worthless sub, to the Shecock sucking sissy slut gurl who overflows with joy with each transformation You cannot express in words the impact You have had on my life. Without You I would still be nothing. Without Your encouragement, none of the above aforementioned Dommes would ever have been a part of my sissy existence. You have allowed me to overcome some of my deepest fears and to realize some of my wildest dreams. There are no words to express my never ending gratitude....

To all the amazing Dommes in my life, on this Thanksgiving, I am so very humbled and thankful to have each and every one of You as the guiding lights of my life. In this world where often Domme's patience and energy are constantly tested and drained by unappreciative, selfish, and boorish subs, please know that You all have touched my sissy life in the most wonderful ways, and in the most Womanly of ways. Your energy fuels me to keep traveling the paths of Feminization and Femdomination. Thank You all so much and I love You all in the most sincere of ways possible.



  1. WOW! sweet Devina, this is a very special letter that you wrote on Thanksgiving Day to honor “Us” the Dommes that touched your heart and have such impact on you. We have never met, but I knew from the moment you contacted me, you were a genuine, passionate gurl! You too your energy and appreciation fuel me to keep traveling this path. Your comprehension about “Our” patience and energy are constantly tested and drained by unappreciative, selfish and boorish subs…but by honoring Us today, it was the cherry on the cake on a such wonderful day! And any time you feel down, let me know…I will put a smile back on your pretty face! Happy Thanksgiving Day! OXOXOX

    1. Maîtresse Cathie La Divine, I feel so incredibly blessed by the universe to be a small part of Your world.

  2. The universe brings great souls together! All jobs come with its inconveniences and perks, and I still think after all those years that I have to most wonderful job in the world! I get to travel the world, take time off when I want. and above all...I get to know beautiful souls like you. What more can a Domme ask for?

    1. Me to win the lottomax so i can spend my days worshipping You and all the aforementioned Dommes together? ;)

    2. and get an island, just like in the movie "Exit to Eden" that would be la creme de la creme?

  3. It can indeed sometimes be hard to keep in touch with our feminine side. Beautiful post by the way.