Saturday, October 17, 2015

Devina's TGirl of the Day Oct 17


  1. Devina, I love this POV! It is exactly what I want to see, and where I want to be. On my knees, a hard cock in front of my face, a Dom lady smiling as she looks "down" on me, and she's holding her cock out as a demand for me to suck!

    I can almost hear her say, "Suck my cock you little slut!" Then she pushes it to my lips, and I submit and open my mouth. Once she has her cock in my mouth, she puts her hands on the back or aides of my head, and she face fucks me until she cums.

    She makes me lick her clean, pulls her panties up, and says, "OK, you can leave! If you MUST, go in the bathroom, and jerk off thinking about what you just did. I don't want to see that! And I don't want a mess in my bathroom! You better lick up every drop of your cum..........even off the floor!!!"

    Does this sound like fun? And is this what this photo means to you?

  2. Having been in that position many times already, it simply brings back very fond memories :)