Friday, August 7, 2015

The Pornstar and the Sissy

The other eve I teased with a post of what I would be doing, and the above pic is a better illustration of who I was doing and in what role. After 35 days of sissy chastity I had the opportunity to see Danika Dreamz. I've had the wonderful pleasure of Her company three times before but this was the first time as a sissy, and the first time locked up for Her so I had no choice but to be fully bottom, which I loved.

I've been proud to have sucked Shecock now over 40 times total and I think that Danika's might be my favorite. It's the perfect size, shape, and She always gets deliciously hard, which makes one want to suck it like a lollipop. She had never been with a gurl locked in chastity before so it was a bit of a learning experience on both sides, but when I began to work Her Shecock in my mouth, She quickly complimented me again on my cocksucking abilities, which filled me full of pride!  As a sissy I take pride in my cocksucking, and when I have a Shecock in my mouth, I don't just give a blowjob, I gorge myself on that Shecock! I tongue swirl, deep throat, kiss, caress, lick and work that She dick like a pro. I loved taking Her hard Shecock and slapping my own face with Her idol of my worship. I was Her loving whore and couldn't wait to feel Her inside me for the first time, as each of my previous encounters with Her was not as Devina, but this was the way I wanted to be with her.

With all the asspussy training I've been doing to work towards my first sissygasm, She entered me without much fuss and I clamped my asspussy down on Her cock and it felt soooo good. She quickly worked me porn style in a modified doggie style, fucking me from all angles and I could feel Her cock banging away at my p-spot and the sensation that followed filled my sissy haert with glee as I began to leak onto my inner thighs as She fucked my asspussy , taking glee in how I was leaking. She could not imagine being locked up for so long and was amused that I was leaking without getting fully hard, even with Her Shecock buried deep inside me. I was in heaven, eventhough I can't say I achieved the big sissy O, but to feel a real hard Shecock in my asspussy while I leaked out of my sissyclit was an experience of a lifetime. I was cumming like a gurl, being fucked silly like a gurl and for the first time in my sissy life, I felt complete as a gurl!

She finished me with a splattering facial rubbing Her cum into my makeup and painting me like the complete whore I was. I loved every last second of it! All the sacrifice, and devotion was fully worth it, in being a sissy cum whore and I can't wait to do it again, and again, and again.

Now that Devina is more confident in herself, the next step is to finally be that Shecock whore in front of Women. Domme's and vanilla Women. Then and only then will my journey will have taken me to that place of my dreams. I'm still buzzing over the experience 2 days later :)

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