Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Smallest Gifts of Femdomination Mean So Much

As a devoted sissy to Femdomination, I'm so grateful for the opportunity of acceptance and interaction that I may receive from Superior Dommes anywhere in the world, in any fashion they come to me in their nature. Today, I sent out tweets of thanks and devotion to all the Dommes who have helped keep me on my path towards sissygasm via chasity.  Today I received the most wonderful surprise and compliment :)

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Goddess Brianna retweeted Devina Cox
You are a true whore devina. That thing needs to be locked up at all times. 

I'm truly honored and grateful at the moment and actually blushing....

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4 Weeks With a Locked Sissy-Clit

Today marks the 4th week of being locked up in sissy chastity. It's been a journey unlike any other, with intense swings in emotional responses and physiological changes.

The first week or so is met with the coming to grips with the physical restraints that my chastity device brings. Things like getting used to doing things differently, how one lays down, sleeps, bathes, etc etc.. Then follows the sissy blue balls that one gets when she is a habitual horny slut, constantly rubbing her sissy-clit to images and movies of Shecocks and Strapon dominance. Gone is the almost automatic reaction to viewing countless Dommes making slaves Their sissy bitches or the beauty of delicious Shecocks on end. This sissy had to come to grips with no longer being satisfied with sissy-clit stimulation. The goal is much larger now. To take all that stimuli and try and convert it to a deeper emotional release to sissygasm.

Week 2 and 3, fed by an increase of Shecock porn and Femdomination flood this sissy's brain with sensory overload with no chance for release. The mind begins to process the stimuli differently as you come to grips with your next release will be as a result of real Shecock hammering your asspussy, p-spot and eventually your mind. All you want is that cock, that feeling, those sensations, and to feel your sissy-clit leaking all over your thighs as you feel that Shecock deep inside you over and over. You dream of clenching hard on it at the moment you feel that long awaited and elusive sissygasm finally arrive. You want to cry out, and let it sweep over you. Each day you're brain is a wreck with a one track mind...

As week 4 rolls around, your sissy-clit barely gets anything more than semi turgid, even with daily Femdomination / Shecock stimuli. You can feel each day your chastity device being less of a device of restraint but more of a symbol of your devotion to your own growth as a gurl. Yes, I wanted this, I feel no regrets in going down this path. As with every step of my journey through Feminization, I have come to learn more about my inner self, my true feelings, wants and desires. What Women represent to me is carved in granite: Superiority and Servitude only. My devotion to what Femdomination is to me has brought me to this place I hoped existed and now surrounds me: Sissy Life.

week 4 also brought the realization that I could achieve sissygasm by myself if I wanted. My p-spot each day is so sensitive that I've had to cut back on training my asspussy with dildos and plugs because I was so close to leaking out. No, I need to share my sissygasm with warm flesh and blood, to feel that connection..

This is the way it will be for me, and I'll stay locked up willingly and faithfully until it happens. This is the only way to sissy bliss for me now!

Day 29 begins tomorrow...

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