Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feminizing Benefits of Long Term Chastity

There was a time early in my sissy journey through Feminization via Femdomination where I simply didn't understand chastity, in terms of how it was relevant to me. The examples one would see mostly revolved around taming male subbies and their testosterone fueled ugly impulses and behaviors, and I saw myself well past those already simply through my desires to serve and find a path that took me towards Femulation. But as Lady Diva and other influential Dommes began their long term mind and personality conditioning of me, I began to understand how sissy chastity was not only beneficial, but essential to reaching higher and higher goals towards a Womanly utopia.

One of the very first and most powerful stimuli is when one slips on that very first pair of panties and see's their 'malehood' disappear into what they don't even know yet is the Silken Trap. The silky satiny smooth fabric seems almost to rip apart from the overwhelmingly powerful erection generated by crossing this chasm, yet those panties retain their soft but iron clad grip from the very first time.  As one takes their steps toward the sissy life that awaits them, an unknown but inevitable evolution begins to work it's magic and that is tightening that grip on the male member and over the course of many years and thousands of hours of training and conditioning, turns that once rock hard member into something soft, tiny, and almost Feminine by the time you become a cocksucking cum loving sissy slut, locked in chastity and able to cum only via a cock in one's asspussy for your Mistress. The changes are gradual but inevitable as we strive to make ourselves more and more Feminine and realize that we need to manage that unsightly bulge. What starts out as something like above, over time begins to be more at home in panties as daily wear and conditioning starts to reduce it into something more pleasant..

After obeying your Mistress and wearing panties daily, a now budding sissy begins to find that wearing panties do not cause the 24-7 erection one first feels, but rather a normal docile nature begins to be commonplace by wearing your panties. Oh, sure, you're still a EME controlled pervert, jerking off wildly as many times as you can get away with, but your subconscious is already conditioning you for what will eventually be unrecognizable in a few short years from now.

Your Mistress likely will not introduce chastity to you until much further along in your training, and rather than forcibly enslave your cock, She will likely feel a greater sense of accomplishment when the day comes when you have bought your own chastity device and ask Her to enslave your sissy clit. That is how a Mistresses' conditioning should work to it's fullest. You will give up all your manhood, piece by piece with each feminine reward you receive from Her by becoming more and more Feminine. As time goes on, you will become less concerned with your erections and more concerned about your presentation to your Mistress of your sissyclit...

You'll shave it smooth and keep it under wraps by garters, lace and nylon...

Or you may find cute little sissy presentation ideas all designed to eliminate the male look and representation of what that sissy clit in your panties really is, towards what it is now becoming.  By now you may even be taking pride in how Feminine you can make that little thingy in your panties, not even noticing that more and more your number of erections is gradually diminishing due to your Feminine conditioning and growing Female influence.

By this time, your Mistress will know that you're soon ready to take the next steps in elimination of whatever EME influences you have left, and will be planing to lock your sissyclit up, but even more likely that you will have already began to think about it yourself, just like I did.  As my sissy conditioning began to take noticeable and pronounced effects on my psyche and personality, I began to look at sissy chastity in a whole new light. The notion of eliminating my sissy clit as a source of direct stimulation and presenting myself to Lady Diva, all other Dommes and Shemales as a100% subservient bottom, was an empowering step along my sissy journey! It was a choice I could make and proudly take. Anytime a sissy gets a chance to embrace a new step, a new opportunity, it propels them along with an added boost to their ultimate goals. When you find yourself there, grab hold of the opportunity to prove your added sissy level of Femininity and embrace your fate!

Now this makes a powerful statement! Your Mistress will be rewarded by a true sense of accomplishment and ownership over you, and you will no longer be able to look down at your panties without the positive reinforcement that you have willingly given yourself to a higher authority and are forever in Her hands. The line is crossed and you've raced over it and now are on to the next step in your sissy evolution...

Your new regimen of prolonged denial, scheduled release for milking, and asspussy training by your Mistresses cock, Shecock, or any cock of Her choosing, is all designed to have your body turn off the mechanism that makes what once was your cock into a more Feminine, less aggressive appendage, that relies on your inner sissy p-spot for orgasm and having your sissy clit leak out your sissy cum only when you have a real She cock in your asspussy.  Over the course of time under your new behaviors, your body will no longer need to manufacture the hormones needed and blood flow paths to control what She already controls, and instead the neuro pathways She has opened up in your sissy mind will demand blood flow and hormones directed to your p-spot and asspussy nerves.  As this happens your sissy clit will simply begin to shrink over time...

Smaller and smaller it becomes with the more that you leak and leak from your asspussy being fucked as your only sexual stimuli

Then you may find yourself wishing to achieve one day your next giant milestone on your sissy journey towards Womanhood...the tiny clit, completely useless to any Woman for anything other than Her amusement. It only leaks when you're Her slut, it stays soft all the time, and in many cases even the smallest chastity device will barely be able to keep your sissy clit from falling out. By that time, your ultimate self image of what you wish to become should look like this...
Can you imagine yourself reaching this goal? Think it's impossible? I once did too. But now after years of Feminization, and conditioning of my mind body and spirit, I'm a proud locked up sissy. I never present myself in front of my Mistress, or any Domme or Shemale without being locked up. I no longer harbour any desires to have that sissy clit enter anyone's body, but instead crave being penetrated and to feel Shecock of all types enter me, take ownership of me, and in return in order to earn that reward, I must be the best sissy whore that I can be to make my Mistress proud. I wasn't forced into this, I chose it willingly!

You can too!


  1. "emasculated male ego" is what I refer as the part of one's psyche that resists sissification and foolishly thinks it can control and manipulate the Feminization process. The goal of each sissy needs to be to stamp out and pulverize our own EME's into complete worthlessness to let our Feminine spirit grow

  2. i am YOURS...XXXX(for YOUR BOOTS)

  3. Yes, a journey of many steps until knowing that i long to be locked and under her control fully, And wearing the chasity is actually comforting and being unlocked is what becomes the unnatural state.