Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Sissy Life is One of Constant Yearning

The life of a sissy is one full of constant urges, desires, and yearning for the unknown. No matter what stage we find ourselves on our Feminine path, from the very beginning, we deal with overwhelming urges to know what a Woman's panties feel and smell like. Once marked by a scent of a Woman, we constantly long for those experiences more and more, taking more risks, being a little more brazen with each adventure in Femininity.

Yet with each breakthrough moment, a sissy never stops finding things to yearn for and never escapes her growing Feminine desires as a gurl. Your first pair of panties, you first bra, your first item of lingerie, your first pair of heels, etc... it's a never ending process!

Then if you find your gurly courage to reveal your true self to a Mistress, your desires and urges kick into another gear. With each step in your sissification, your desires for more, only increase. You want more makeup, more clothes, wigs, purses, jewlery, and so on and so forth.  Soon you wind up feeling pretty good about your hidden new life as a panty boi or sissy boi, but your urges and desires aren't done with you yet. Oh no, not by a long shot. They're just getting started!

Your Mistress now introduces you to Her cock, and soon enough you start to wonder how did a panty sniffing loser wind up being pegged by a Woman's big strapon cock? I mean this was just a little harmless fun, right? You're not really a pansy who loves to be fucked in their asspussy (you didn't even know you HAD one), right? You think you've come a long way sissy, and in reality you've only taken the first steps.

You won't know when it will start but one day we all find ourselves on the edge of that big precipice. Your Mistress has given you so much positive reinforcement as to what a good cocksucker you are when you suck on Her strapon, and She's likely sown the seeds in your mind that you should try the real thing, and you reach that point of no return, should you boldly go forward.

Some sissies stay away from the ledge, in fear of what they might become, and spend their sissy lives fantasizing about being a cocksucking whore, but never actually become one. Others, like me, timidly at first push forward and give in those strong urges that tear up your insides and taste real cock for the first time...

Then a second.

And a third.

Plus a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh time and so on...

Soon enough you come to realize that it's no big deal to be a cocksucking sissy like me, regardless if you prefer beautiful She-cock or the ones attached to icky males. But now, your urges and desires have you dancing on their strings, and you're powerless to resist.

Soon enough you could be like me, yearning to be once again dressed up in pink heels, mini dress, stockings and getting my asspussy pounded by a big black shemale cock, with a slut's reward, a face full of cum, just as I was a couple weeks ago. You could find yourself thinking back to that first pair of panties you sniffed and realize how far you might have come. If you stay true to yourself, you also might realize that the road to being an outed sissy cock loving whore just might be the best one you've ever traveled.  You also might wonder where your sissy urges take you next? Pimped out? Gangbangs? Video slut? Only time will tell.

What are you waiting for sissy? Get in the game!

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