Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Elusive Sissygasm

As seems to be the case as of late, when Devina gets horny for She-cock, she gets a craving for all types of kinky cravings, and last night i was dolled up again in Lady Diva's Sissy Academy, in a quest to find the elusive sissygasm that on my own, i've been unable to find.

I guess i should feel a Feminine connection to many Women who are unable to achieve proper orgasm, whereas a proper sissygasm must come from direct cock stimulation in one's asspussy. being fucked by real She-cock or a Mistresses' strapon is a most wondrous and incredibly satisfying experience. To feel a cock enter your asspussy and fill you up from the inside out is simply bliss. But as we all know, sissy sluts can be a greedy lot, and when i saw examples of sissies cumming purely by cocks in their asspussy, i immediately wanted to experience that too!

I mean , what better way to connect with your inner Femme Spirit than achieving that beautiful big O from being fucked like a girl? For me, however it has remained elusive. Oh I've found my sissy g-spot, and i've edged several times going back and forth on the build up, but just haven't been able to fall over the wet messy edge. Lady Diva last night experimented with my nicely relaxed asspussy (still broken in from TS Sunshine's asspussy pounding 2 nights earlier) in various ways, with various sized cocks, much to my delight, including trying to stretch me wider than i've ever been with an enormous cock with equally enormous girth. She then had me ride Her very own designed monkey rocker type chair, and while i loved it all, i could still only get so close. Then it got mentally frustrating.

Like a Female orgasm, much of the sissygasm is the mental buildup. Training the long dominated EME brain to tap into the sensual part that ties to a sissy's g-spot is something i realize needs practice. Last night Lady Diva had me repeating over and over, " I'm a Girl, and I'm going to cum like a Girl" as She fucked my asspussy with Her strapon. I also brought in all the mental images I could, Strapon Lady Jane's erotic english voice calling me Her dirty whore, Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra's abusive nature towards their sluts, Mistress Morganna's mature condescending tones, Lady Bernadett's strong eastern European mocking of my sissiness, Mistress Stern's mocking, the images of being fucked at that moment in front of a room full of laughing mocking Women, hysterical over seeing a sissy completely humiliated and prostituted for Their enjoyment.

Every image and word flowed through em with each thrust, and i was timing my squeeze on Lady Diva's strapon for maximum stimulation. I wanted it so bad, i could feel it right there....

But it...or shall i say i, didn't cum...

The magic door to the Female orgasm didn't open for me.

I know one day it will. I mean there was a time when i couldn't imagine beyond my wildest dreams of one day being in a mini dress, black stockings, pink mary janes, fully smooth, in a wig, wearing pink painted nails, a chastity device, and bent over for a hot slab of black she-cock in my ready and willing asspussy, yet that's exactly what happened tuesday night, lol!! So this remains another hill to climb, albeit in high heels. For some gurls, a sissygasm comes easy, and for their sakes I hope they appreciate and cherish it. When it cums for me, I know it will be a special magical experience amongst many in my sissy life. Good things cum to those who work hard and wait.

But as Lady Diva said to me last night. " Once you cum from cock, you'll never want it any other way...'


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