Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Joys of Serving

When one gives themselves to their inner Feminine spirit, over time as it envelops you and you embrace it as a daily part of your sissy life, beautiful things begin happening all around you and it can start with the most basic things, such as good manners.

Every sissy should learn how to properly behave in front of their Mistress and any Woman for that matter. However, just as important is the ability to learn how to behave like a proper sissy even when your Mistress isn't with you, and when nobody is watching. When it's just you and you find yourself doing all the little things your Mistress has taught you, it's only then do you realize that you are changing and evolving for the better.

It's at those moments of epiphany when you truly learn why your Mistress put you through all those once-thought-of torturous humiliating moments. She knew what She was doing all along, and only much later does a sissy realize this, but the revelation of discovery is important to grow even further. Your Mistress driving all the last remaining influences out of your life of your EME (emasculated male ego) creates a void that She begins to fill with proper manners, wonderful Feminine influences, and if you work hard to earn Her rewards, regular Female positive reinforcement. By doing so, a sissy can begin to learn how rewarding their lives can be under the direct Feminine influence of a strong Woman and/or several Women. Those rewards are boundless in a sissy's life by daily excising the lessons that your Mistress has taught you.

 Sissies today are so lucky to be able to reach out and have a plethora of Dominant Women to help shape and modify their lives, and all for the better. The lessons Mistress Morganna and Lady Diva Cane (along with others) instilled in me, bring me constant gifts in my life simply by reaching out constantly and honouring all the Dominant Women in my life on a regular basis. The benefits of social media today make that even more prevalent. As a sissy, it's our duty to cherish, love, and honour those Women who by their grace only, choose to offer guidance to us sissy gurls. We should never forget this, not take it for granted. Without those Women, where would you be today at this moment? Think about it..

Don't ever forget to love, honour, cherish, respect, serve, glorify, and serve the Women in your life who have given you the gift to be a part of their lives. Being a real sissy demands this of us.

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  1. It is truly wonderful to feel my the male sense of self fade away making room for those magical feminine influences.