Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sissy Chastity - Embrace It

There's a lot of chastity devices out there gurls but any self respecting sissy knows that when choosing one for themselves as a gift to their Mistress, there is only one size to get. The smallest one possible as it makes for the proper presentation to your Mistress. Over time, your training and reprogramming will have you struggling to fill out even the smallest chastity device. Remember that as you continue to turn your male thingy into your Sissy Clitty!

Don't forget that locking up your sissy clit further proves to your Mistress your devotion to Her, and that you've taken the steps to show that your satisfaction is Her satisfaction only! I can't begin to describe the joy a gurl discovers when she is no longer able to receive any stimulation than from her asspussy only. Do it today!


  1. That first sissy has obviously been well corset-trained. Many ciswomen would envy her figure! Delicious!

  2. and he others are so well prepared as well - perfect shaving and cleansing - love them all with their cages!!