Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015

2014 was a year of growth and strengthening and 2015 looks like a year to blossom and shine! Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year full of your own growth and safe steps to where your journey leads you! Now go out and have a smashing good end to 2014!

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Challenge to the Gurls for 2015!!

Part of my own personal growth as a sissy for 2015 is to find ways to reach out more to Women who are not a part of any Alt-lifestyles to give them glimpses of sissy life. One of the things I feel more and more Women need to be exposed to is the fallacy that those who choose to live parts or all of their lives in their Feminine ego's and wardrobes, are all closet gays, and this simply isn't the case. In fact studies show that those we would classify as "sissys" are split 3 ways between those who harbour gay tendencies with other males, those who consider themselves straight and love Women still (sissy lesbian), and those who desire to be as a gurl with other transgendered womyn. It's sad that about 30% of us perpetuate the stereotypes for all of us and this needs to slowly change in order for more of us to be accepted by Women from all walks of life over time.

The best part of attempting to reach out to Women to enlighten or show more of what sissies are as a whole is one doesn't need to expose themselves if they feel frightened to do so. There are a lot of different ways we all can do this, and I know one of the best ways to do this and have a little fun at the same time is by combating one of the worst traits in males today: the vulgar dick pic.

We all know of those self absorbed, slightly above cro-magnon, males who feel it a symbol of their pride to email a pic of their junk to Women. We see it everywhere, and we hear it everywhere how repulsed most Women are by this silly, moronic act.

As sissies we can kill 2 birds with one stone to combat this.....

Now what if that pretty little receptionist in your office who you secretly admire for her tasteful choices in clothes, shoes, and makeup, suddenly received an anonymous email with the above pic? Would She be surprised? You bet! Would She be a little shocked and maybe embarrassed?  Perhaps. If it came with no other text, and wasn't vulgar in nature, what do you think Her lasting impression would be? If She didn't know who it came from, would She perhaps suspect someone at work sent it to Her? Maybe one of Her friends? Would She begin to wonder if someone She actually knows is wearing those panties? Would She perhaps save the pic and share it with Her Female friends the next time She saw them over drinks? I would imagine they all would share a good laugh, yes, but what else would it lead to? Women love to talk and share experiences and no doubt this could stimulate all sorts of shared experiences, some good, some bad from a sissy's point of view. But what if more and more 'vanilla' Women started receiving positive (non-vulgar) sissy images? You can be certain it would make them think of all sorts of things, but rather than just accepting the horrible stereotypes, perhaps it can provoke thought and curiosity to learn more about all of us. What could it hurt?

 What other types of things could us sissies do to allow more and more Women of all walks of life know who we are and what we really are all about? What can you do this year to enable not only you but all sissy gurls to find a little more acceptance by those we love most; Women?

I challenge each one of you gurls who visits my blog to do your part this coming year and reach out via whatever medium you feel most comfortable with, to Women in your day to day life and start your own small campaign to provide positive reinforcement of sissy life to Women everywhere. You never know what it could lead to? Maybe the Woman of your dreams who you never thought would every be open minded to your inner ego, just might embrace what we are just a little bit more. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing in this world....



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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ladies, Do You Know a Sissy?

In today's day and age of  GLBT growing acceptance by the general mainstream populace, the one largely misunderstood group is our sissy subculture. The more we get this information out to Women everywhere, not just the ones involved in Kink, the more they will begin to learn about who we truly are, and they may be able to one day accept more of us in their lives. Please feel free to share this with Women of all sorts - Devina




What Sissies Are Not

While the vast majority of sissies are ordinary heterosexual males with an additional Feminine dimension, they are stereotyped by society based on a highly visible minority who crossdress for entirely different reasons. Drag queens are usually gay or bisexual males who don Women’s clothes either to mock Femininity and society’s stereotypes of gays, or to find sex partners.  Female impersonators dress to entertain.  Transsexuals believe they are entrapped in the body of the opposite sex, and seek sexual reassignment surgery.

Understanding the "Woman Within"

There is within each male a set of personality potentials that are part of his birthright, but that society labels as  “Feminine” and says he should suppress.  Sissies have made contact with these potentials and found their expression fulfilling.  Integrating these into their whole personalities, sissies are able to smooth off some of the macho rough edges programmed by their upbringing.  The result is a happier, healthier whole person.

But Why Do They Crossdress?

Much speculation has centered on why some people crossdress.  No one knows for sure.  While some cite hormonal or genetic factors, others favor environmental factors. It appears that for many the clothing serves as a  “lens” to facilitate focusing upon and developing personality elements society has assigned to the opposite gender.

Is Sissification a Sexual Phenomenon?

Human being are sexual creatures. Early on, many sissies find the activity sexually stimulating. However, research shows the sexual factor tends to become less prominent over time.  Being a sissy is more a matter of personality than sexuality. For many the need to crossdress becomes a part of the self, just as musicians need to play music, writers need to write, or ballplayers need to play ball. A life without any sissy expression is to some as tragic as the life of a musician forced to live without music. Like musical talent, sissy expression can be a real gift

What Types of People become Sissies?

Sissies come from all walks of life, races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. The phenomenon dates back many thousands of years. In some cultures, especially some Native American tribes, they were highly respected as shamans. Most sissies are well-educated and come from conventional family backgrounds. The vast majority are heterosexual and most are, or have been, married. Most are happy in their day to day lives, and only a small percentage opt to live as women full time. A few Women are crossdressers, but they are much less numerous than their male counterparts. Perhaps this is due to the relative latitude society grants to Women in matters of dress and self-expression.

Can Sissification Be "Cured"?

The chief adjustment problem sissies face is societal attitudes.  While these have been changing since crossdressers appeared on the Donahue Show in 1987, acceptance is far from complete.  Because of possible consequences to families, jobs and friends, many sissies live shrouded in secrecy.  Some sissies deny their Feminine side and dispose of their clothing, only to return to crossdressing later, frustrated by the amputation of so significant a part of their personality.  Some seek therapy, but as many therapists are not  knowledgeable about crossgender issues, sissies sometimes find themselves educating the therapist rather than getting the help they seek.  Nor are psychiatric drugs of benefit. There is no “cure” for sissification, and most sissies do not want one!

The Sissy and the Women in Their Life.

How a sissy's wife or girlfriends accepts them depends on their own degree of insight and personal maturity, the strength of their relationship, and the way in which She learns about the sissification. Discovering his secret can send Her on an emotional roller coaster ride of anger, fear, denial and grief. She may feel it threatens Her own Femininity and the future of their relationship.  Open and honest communication is vital here.  Once a wife or partner realizes Her mate isn’t leaving Her for another male or for a new life as a Woman, or taking risks that could destroy their financial and family life, the two of them can seek a balanced solution that suits their own unique needs and circumstances.  Healing comes when the wife or partner realizes that her mate is the same person She has always known, recognizes the risk her mate has taken in revealing his innermost feelings, and appreciates the trust this represents.  Many of the traits that attracted her in the first place - sensitivity, kindness, appreciation of beauty, etc. - can now be seen as belonging to that “woman within.”


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