Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Sissy Rant

Today's the day I need to get something off my gurly chest. I want to share something that has bothered me for quite some time whenever I see some gurls with their Dommes, such as the one above with Lady Jane and Lady Birch.  The sissy above is so absolutely blessed to be in the presence of such divine Superior Females, being ordained from head to toe in such beautiful Womanly clothing, yet this sissy and many others insult the Women who accept them by committing such a disgusting faux pas.

Ugly, disgusting, male body hair!

There is nothing Feminine about presenting yourself to you Domme or any Domme for that matter, covered in your male fur coat. It's insulting to me that one would not take the time to prepare themselves properly for the Woman they serve, by undergoing the proper ritual of shaving one's entire body! Being Feminized is one of the greatest gifts a Woman can give you. Being led by the hand into the Female world, where you are allowed by Her grace to experience the beauty of Womanhood, the sensations of Female clothing on your skin, and the transformational magic of being made up to reveal the inner you, and some of you show up for these gifts looking like Chewbaca??

Another furry failure

 Your Mistress notices everything about you when you are in front of Her. Your body, your smell, your mannerisms, your attitude, and your will to do what you say you want. If you can't be bothered to peel off the outer disgusting layer of maleness you carry around, what does that tell Her about your so called "desires" to be Feminized? It says that you're a wannabe.  If you are a closet sissy reading this or a baby sissy deer taking your first steps into the amazing world of Feminization and Femdomination, PLEASE, take this advice. Never present yourself in front of a Woman as Her sub/slave/sissy without presenting yourself as a bare canvass, on which She can create. Step one in becoming more Feminine is the rituals in transforming yourself from a pathetic male into a beautiful flower with Her guidance. Take ownership of your desire to transform your entire psyche into something better, something Feminine. If you can't get past step one, you're wasting everyone's time.

Being a submissive sissy is so much more than wearing panties and being dominated. Go deeper, learn more, embrace the gift you have discovered within, and for gawd's sake lose the fur!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Point of No Return - When Did You Know?

While relaxing in my favorite baby blue silk jammies that Goddess Denise gifted me, I couldn't help but do some reminiscing back over the many experiences I've had that has shaped me, and I began to think of my defining moment. That one instance where I knew that there was no going back to what I once was.  The moment that truly stands out is my visit to TS Mistress Z, which I have shared before.

What I will never forget was Her taking me over to her floor length mirror and having me witness myself in that mirror, on my knees sucking Her cock in all it's glory as She grabbed my head and gave me no way out. With each pump I would peek and see myself exposed to my own eyes as the cocksucker I was. No amount of self doubt or rationalization could erase what was looking back at me as Her balls slapped my chin. That was the moment for me

What was yours?

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