Friday, October 31, 2014

A Gurl's Favorite Night!

Halloween. Every closet sissy's opportunity to wear what she dares in public perhaps for the first time or maybe once a year.  Have fun, express your true inner self and don't completely lock it away come tomorrow morning. Look around tonight, Ladies and gurlies at how many closet sissies are taking their first steps out into the Female world. Give them a wink and a nod and let them know it's OK!!!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

What It's Really All About

Like in any alternative lifestyle genre, being a sissy is no different in having numerous sub-cultures, and defining stimuli. Pretty safe to say that the love of cock is something all us sissy gurls share, in any variety of it's forms. Yet the difference remains in what drives us towards that cock.

I have no scientific numbers to share, so my pontifications are mainly a reflection of what I see in sissy life. I believe there to be a large number of sissy gurls who are driven to cock for the underlying humiliation, shame, and emasculation aspects of it. The cock they seek  most often is attached to males (eewww....) as they seeks to be shamed by, and subservient to, other males (double eeewwwww...) I would imagine this desire as fulfilling a need or repressed urges towards homosexuality based on, well, I don't know exactly, but I imagine it as such.

Some sissy gurls don't ever find themselves staring down a real cock, and are content with serving a Domme's cock. For many starting out as a subbie, the fact it's not the real thing matters very little, as the simple act of worshiping a phallic symbol is deeply humiliating, and forces them into a head space that drives a deep kink. I can relate a little here as in my early subbie life, identified far more with the latter than former.

No matter if a sissy gurl loves her cock real and throbbing or supersized and strapped onto a powerful Woman, it's not the act of being a sissy cocksucker that defines your role, but the act of submission. I think kink players, tranny chasers, and closet fags lose sight of this, and it' a shame really. It's an opportunity lost to be truthful with oneself.

If you've followed this blog back to it's origins, you'll know that I lived in two separate worlds, both in an alternative lifestyle or kink, but they were very divided at first. I started out as a subbie male indoctrinated to my Mistresses' cock like most subbie males are. And privately, I discovered my love and appreciation of transgendered Women and the jewels they are in this world (not without my own very real confusions and initial trepidations). As those two worlds spun in separate  but converging orbits, I became one of those sissy gurls who never looked at cock, both strapon and real, as an instrument of humiliation, bit as one's of self discovery.

Sucking Shecock became a passion, not something to be ashamed of. Sharing those passions with My Mistress and other Dommes became a source of pride and a tie that bound relationships and friendships. Yet at the end of the day, it's not about the cock...

It's about the SUBMISSION!
It's about the act of giving yourself to another, be it Domme, a Shemale, or both. It's what connects one to their true essence and that is as a subservient. To me, if all you care about is how what you're doing makes you feel, then you're missing out and missing the point. It needs to be how what you're doing makes the one above you feel!

Why does your Mistress get such amusement out of a subbie sucking cock for Her? It's because the act is for HER, the subbie's own feelings are secondary, if consequential at all. Their humiliation is for Her, their shame, for Her, the permanent ability to be exposed, for Her. It should all be for Her. Only then can you truly begin to embrace your experiences, and begin to grow as a person.

Everytime now that a real cock passes across my lips or enters my willing asspussy, what always runs through my mind is, by doing so I am honoring my Mistress, and every Domme who has encouraged me, guided me, and accepted me. It's Their work that has taken me to that exact moment and that I must embrace the moment, accept it for who I truly am, and be the best sissy cocksucker, or sissy slut I can possibly be. It's not for me, but for Them. Be proud gurls, and honor the Women who made you what you are, by being the best you can be for Them.

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