Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things Learned Along The Way

There are times when I get in a long view reflective mood, and sometimes what piques my reflection varies. Recently I've been thinking about all the things I have learned about my true Feminine self, things I had to over come, things I learned to accept, things I learned to love and lines I had to draw. When you take a leap of faith into the unknown, in my case Femdomination and sissification, you are flying by the seat of your panties, and can crash and burn at any turn along the way. Some of us gurls learn hard painful, and even humiliating lessons when the lives we started living clash fiercely with the lives we want to live. Other times we find wonder and amazement and self growth if we're lucky.

I've always have been fortunate to have been surrounded by so many awesome people who have helped share and nurture me in my journey. Thanks to them, I have learned so much about my true self that I never thought was possible...

Simplistic but true nonetheless. Obeying a Dominant Woman was the first step on the road I travel on now. That simple mantra has brought me so many joys and wonderful experiences. I simply cannot fathom how subs purposely try and upset their Domme's. I may never understand that. Obey, Serve, Respect, and Please in anyway you can...

I never really saw Devina as a redhead but now I know I can't really be anything but. Lady Diva was instrumental in bringing out the red in Devina and I admit it suits me. Should probably do something with those blonde wigs...

I fully accept the fact that there are three genders in a very define natural harmonic pecking order. Regardless of how bad males have fucked up the world we live in, Females rule the species at the biological level. TGirls are an important evolution in our species and should be praised as such. There was a time when I saw them as a odd curiosity, and my limited male dominated brain did not see or accept how much of a role they would one day have in shaping my destiny. Today I see them as beautiful, sensual, and inspirational role models of Femininity for a sissy gurl such as I. They are the crown Princesses of the Female world.  males remain the primordial ooze of which so many of us start from. Sadly most stay un-evolved during  their existence.

I'm a Tgurl lesbian. This I know and accept in my heart of hearts. The only object of my desires come in Female form, even if She has a beautiful Shecock in Her panties. I'm forever fortunate that my own beliefs were strongly reinforced by my early training under the guidance of Mistress Morganna and later lady Diva Cane who saw no place in my new life for lowly males and did what they could to rid me of my once out of control male ego.

I never saw chastity as something that appealed to me for a long time. My mindset on chastity has evolved considerably, with my own growth as a submissive gurl. Chastity is the path for me to learn how to achieve sissygasms with my Mistress or with Shemales as they top me. My gurl clit no longer deserves any direct stimulation nor is it important for me to even achieve climax with my Mistress as long as She is happy first and foremost. When topped by Shemales, my satisfaction comes in the form of a sore asspussy and a sticky facial of hot Shecum

That said, I've learned not to just like sucking Shecock, but LOVE sucking Shecock! It's my favorite sexual activity. I'm eternally grateful for my Mistress who opened my heart and mind to not be afraid to become an accomplished cocksucker and to be proud of it!

 I've learned (and am still learning) that it's never enough just to own some gurly things. Thanks to my training and getting in touch with my own Feminine side, I know that one must have matching outfits, accessories, ensembles, and go-to outfits for the proper occasions. Wearing my long gowns when I know that Lady Diva intends to train my asspussy just makes it more of a distraction for Her. So having short dresses, skirts, and an outfit for every sissy occasion is a must.  To have an overflowing sissy closet is one of my proudest achievements

The easiest path to having your sissy life filled with wonderful Dominant Women is respect and honesty. Don't play games, be truthful, be open, and be the exception to the myriad of disgusting time wasting males that annoy their lives and chew up so much of their precious time. Always be thankful for what ever they bring to your life. Grow your sissy karma and it will come back to you  tenfold. This I've experienced firsthand!

I've embraced the truth that I feel the most complete as Devina in front of or interacting with Women. Lady Diva has seen first hand the joy i have in my face as She releases Her butterfly from it's cocoon and our sessions take on a wonderful aura of two girlfriends being together, chatting about such lovely Lady things. My repayment , while never will be complete is to expand the circle of Women in our little club and to soar higher and farther for Her as a sissy.

The first time Mistress Z opened my asspussy with Her Shecock, it changed my life forever. I can still feel it's heat and how it twitched in my mind. Submitting my asspussy to Shecock has been my most rewarding growth as a gurl in the past while...

Perhaps so, but I am so much better than i ever could have been as a male. My most ambitious hopes, dreams and desires are with Devina front and center. Femdomination made it all possible.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings this eve...



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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sissy Saturday

3 guesses to what i"m doing tonight :))

Confessing To The Woman in Your Life

One of the questions asked most often is how does one get the Woman in their life to make them a sissy or a slave.  The first question is what do you want or need?  Here more than anywhere else, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.  One of the things you have to consider is that once you cross this line, She will NEVER look at you as a man again.  Is your relationship strong enough to survive that change?   Your relationship will change forever once you bring this up.  Some questions you have to consider are the following:

1.     Is your Woman naturally submissive?  If so, all is not lost.  However, it will take much more work on your part to get Her comfortable with this type of relationship.
2.     Do you want to play or really change the basic nature of your relationship?  Every sissy relationship should start out as play.  It will only work if BOTH are comfortable with it.  By just playing, you can see if She will really be ok with it.  IF NOT, YOU WOULD SERVE HER BEST BY SUPPRESSING YOUR DESIRE FOR SISSYHOOD.
3.     Are you willing to pay the price to be a sissy?  If you want to become a sissy, you will have to serve your Woman.  This means doing housework, laundry, cooking, cleaning etc.  you may not have to do all the work, but you will have to do much more than most men are willing to do.  IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DO THIS, FORGET IT.
4.     REMEMBER, A SISSY SATISFIES HER MISTRESS FIRST.  A sissy is only satisfied if and when her Mistress wants.

Now for the how to part.
STEP 1 – The introduction

1.     Start by telling Her how much you love Her, respect Her, and how you have a need to completely surrender yourself to Her.  Cook a nice dinner for Her (If your are going to be a sissy, you are going to have to learn to cook.  If you can’t buy a cook book.), get a nice bottle of wine, and afterwards, sit Her down and tell Her how sexy she is.  Then tell Her that you want to do everything you can to make Her happy and satisfied.  Tell Her every time you are with Her, you just want to surrender to Her and melt into Her arms.
a)     Explain that you want to serve Her better but must have Her help to learn how to. 
b)     Serving Her better is going to make you and your life happier and more fulfilling.
c)     Tell Her that receiving Her correction and suggestions will help you serve Her better.
d)     Let Her know that you want your lives together to fit her idea of the perfect relationship.  This is particularly important if your Woman is not naturally dominant.  She may feel that you want Her to become something She is not comfortable with.
2.     Be specific about how you want to serve Her.  Tell Her exactly what you want to do for Her.  Let Her know that out of your love for Her and your need to serve Her, you will do this and that for Her.  Be sure that you fulfill these promises!
3.     Ask Her specifically what you can do to make Her happier and Her life easier.  Ask Her what She would change about you.  This is critical.  Whatever She says, agree if you are willing to do it.  Be honest!  Agreeing to change and not changing will eliminate any chance of Her being willing to become your Mistress.  Let Her change you to be what She wants so that you can change the relationship to what you want.  Again, the most important part of being a true sissy or slave is submitting your will to Hers.
4.     Start every love making session by giving Her a back and foot rub.   Kiss Her feet both top and bottom.  Do it on your knees while She sits above you.  It is best if you are naked and She stays fully dressed.  Suggest that She leave Her nightgown on.  If She does not have a satin high quality gown, buy one for Her.  Let Her know how much it excites you to have Her gown rub against your naked body.

This is the first step to getting where you want your relationship to be.