Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blurred Lines

I don't know if there are any more brave souls that those gurls who transform and pose for pics with the purpose to completely reveal themselves to all the world in cyberspace.  At first I used to think what an incredibly silly thing to do, yet as time has gone on and my own Feminine persona has grown beyond my wildest dreams, I've come to admire those who cast it all into the wind and don't give a damn. To you I say BRAVO!

We all walk different paths in life and for some of us gurls, revealing our true Feminine persona to the globe becomes the height of our self awareness, our zenith. Others stay hidden in their basements or bedrooms choosing to live a virtual Femme existence.

Somewhere in the middle I have resided for much of the past few years. There are those who only know me as Devina, and my relationships with those people are just as treasured and valued as any when I'm forced into my "Clark Kent" mode. There are times when I would love to shed all the shackles of the vanilla world and shout out in my pink heels and best sissy dress, " THIS IS THE REAL ME!!! THIS IS WHO I AM!! I'M A HAPPY COCKSUCKING SISSY SLUT TO FEMDOMINATION!!!"

 We all have our crosses to bear and mine happens to be my "Clark Kent" mode in life. The world, while slowly growing increasingly tolerant of us gurls, still has a long way to go where anyone from any walk of life can simply be who they truly are without condemnation, reprisal and ridicule. I mean we all have to make a living, and as enticing as it may be to dream to be a pimped sissy whore full time for my Mistress, the facts remain, it's not exactly a sellers market! 

So it forces gurls like us to wear our panties, stockings and other frillies underneath our Clark Kent trappings when we must to do what we must and then shed them in our own comfort when we can and re-engage with our true inner gurl when we can. For me I devote daily time for Devina in all manners.

Recently, the amazing Maitresse Cathie La Divine asked me if i would be interested in submitting a picture to Her sissy page, after seeing a similar example of me on Mistress Cruel Dama's site. Without hesitation my instinct was to say, "Of course!" and relish in the absolute honor to be chosen by a Woman so electric and charged with Feminine Superiority! But as i searched through my own private picture files, the urge to truly reveal myself grabbed hold and i will admit it left me conflicted . Why not just show Her one of my best poses taken by Lady Diva? It was so incredibly tempting it almost was scary. As much as i would love to, i simply knew that doing so could pose disastrous results in all facets of my life. However i'm happy to say She was pleased with my second sober choice.

 The whole reason for starting this blog was for a way to share Devina with the world, all while keeping the circle of those who know all of Devina's secrets fully intact. I'm proud to have been able to walk that fine line and take moments to bare my true soul with all of you. Less than a handful of people on the planet are my most trusted confidants and I'm pleased to say they are all Domme's. It's only fitting, no?

Hell, I wonder about just shooting from the hip with people who know me in the 9-5 world and just come out and say, " I've sucked more cock than your wife, Gerry.." or, "I have closets full of Women's clothes and love to get plowed up my asspussy by Women and Shemales .." and all other fully revealing and shocking things, and wonder if I followed it up with a big laugh if anyone would remotely think I wasn't being serious! I wonder....

Those who know and interact with Devina often know I'm not shy, or afraid to express myself to Dominant Women, respectfully, about who i truly am, and where my place is. Maybe one day everyone will have the chance to know, but for now I'm forced to be content revealing myself measurably to Lady Jane, Maitresse Cathie La Divine, Mistress Cruel Dama, Suzana Stern, Lady Bernadett, and all other Domme's who have graciously taken me in under their wings to guide me along. None are more dear than Lady Diva who made it all possible and encourages me without fail to be all that Devina can be. Preferably in pink panties, a chastity device and a face full of She cum =)

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  1. Hello Devina

    thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wonder whether this is a goodbye text since it sound so melancholic in a way. Hope very much to hear and see much more from you again soon and look at your posts
    Love you Marena