Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring, a Sissy's Favorite Season

There's nothing like spring to most sissy gurls (or at least those of us not blessed to love in a yer round warm climate).  If you're like me the Womanly feelings get re-born in March as the weather turns and we can start wearing more than just our frillies underneath all that winter clothing, silk pj's get exchanged for sexy nighties, and of course the re-emergence of the sundresses and sexy outfits we keep in our closets!

Nature as a whole is being reborn at this time and if we are in touch with our Feminine side, one can feel the energy of Mother nature permeating into our sissy DNA as reaffirmation of our love of all things Womanly and Feminine.

 Myself, I've spent much of the weekend, trying on outfits in my overflowing closet, trying to come up with new outfit combinations and such. Even my Mistress senses a new re-energized sissy, as with the spring we all get more active and must do our best to look as good as we possibly can for our Mistresses. Our Girl/gurl chats lately have been around fitness, nutrition, and taking advantage of the weather to wear some of our favorite things.

And if you're like me, spring brings out the slut in me unlike any other time of the year. As my Mistress can attest to, my urge to suck Shecock, and submit my asspussy to Her cock and Shecock increases exponentially this time of year!! My introduction to sissy chastity last fall only heightens the increased slutty desires as when one begins to understand the power of a Female style orgasm, eschewing the old disgusting ways of male style direct stimulation, a whole new part of our sissy brain opens up and we learn how to access our Feminine emotions and psyche on a much deeper level. Even though us gurls know that we will never truly become Female, we can strive to get as close as we possibly can by embracing and nurturing those Feminine traits and biological feelings that society constrains. Unlock your inner Woman and watch Her soar!

Like everything in nature, each spring must be your time to grow and evolve into a better gurl. If you're still in the begining stages of a panty boi, now is the time to acquire more and wear them daily. If you're in the experimental cd stages, now is the time to find a Mistress who will embrace you for who you truly are. If you've always fantasized about being a cock-sucking sissy, then this is the year that you should live your dream. Take advantage of the energy that Mother Nature is providing and go farther towards your dreams of becoming a better gurl and in the process please the Women in our lives who make it all possible!

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  1. preferisco l'estate, ho più opportunità di succhiare cazzi negri