Sunday, May 4, 2014

Girl Talk

I've always considered myself such a lucky gurl. It seems that with each step along my sissy path, there have been amazing Women there to guide me. To be honest, by now I simply can't comprehend the term "forced Feminization" because I welcome Femininity and Feminization so openly and warmly, as it's now a large part of who I am and identify with.

One of the little things that I think often gets overlooked by gurls is the ability to have Girl talk with a Woman or Women. To truly be in touch with one's Feminine side is to embrace the Female culture of confiding in one's Female friends about all manners of your life. The good, bad, sad, exciting, sexy, and embarrassing, along with your hopes, dreams, fears, desires, and everything in between. To bare your gurly soul to other Women in confidence is truly a wondrous thing and if you're as fortunate as I am, you have tasted the feeling of Womanly acceptance by partaking in this cultural and ritualistic Female trait.

Lady Diva is gracious enough to have regular Girl talks with me, quietly outside my submissiveness to Her. However I am always aware of my place beneath Her, but at the same time it's a glorious opportunity to gossip, catch up and share secrets together, like two schoolgirls in pj's on a sleep over. It's in those moments where I feel just as much a true gurl as I do when being Her slut moaning on the end of Her strapon. It's during our chats where I feel free to share all my gurly needs, wants, desires, dreams and fantasies. Without the formality of a session, we both share things from the heart and it makes the Feminine bonds much stronger. When I place myself in Her hands in session, my trust in Her is absolute, regardless of Her plans for me.

So many gurls live their lives between the push and pull of the fear of exposure. On one hand it's exhilarating, yet terrifying. Having an outlet to share all your deepest feminine feelings I believe truly helps us gurls go deeper into Womanhood with far more confidence, than if one is trying to take those steps alone. It's a huge psychological burden to carry so many of our true wants and needs alone. In order to find and grow your circle of Women confidants, the most important thing to remember is honesty, respect, and submission.  Leave everything else behind. If your dream is to have a Woman to confide in as a Domme and a friend, you must earn Her trust and never betray it.  Like any special friendship it takes time and effort.

So many times now in our chats Lady Diva and I simply chat about routine Feminine things such as eye makeup, shading, clothes etc. It's not always kink, because that would be selfish on my part. Oh sure there are times when we chat about some very naughty things and I will admit to sharing all aspects of my slutty self to Her, but as with all special friendships, there are times and places for everything.

As with all special trusted relationships, a Domme Woman/gurl friendship only enhances and deepens one's submission to your Mistress. Don't we all crave to have a strong powerful Woman in control of our lives who understands us on a level like no other? Those girl chats provide Her insights into your psyche that will take your submission to Her to new and glorious heights (always under Her boot of course). She will remember every detail about your fantasies, fears, and dreams and will know how to push the buttons to make you serve Her whims to the utmost, in turn to reward you with the very things you crave most for a job well done.  To receive those rewards fulfills us gurls to strive to me better sissies, better gurls, better whores, better maids, better sluts, or whatever our Mistress demands of us, and we do it willingly.

Therein lies the freedom in Femdomination...

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  1. Thanks for your comments about girl talk. i love when i have the opportunity to be just one of the girls in conversation, letting go of the restraints of men. Girl talk is one the great strengths of women, talking about and sharing so many things. It is one of the aspects of my own feminization that i consciously work on, trying to enjoy and express that special intimacy among girls that men just miss out on altogether.